Saturday, April 2, 2011

How can it be that yet another semester of college is coming to an end?  It seemed like this past semester just flew by at warp speed, twirled my around, caused me lots of sleepless nights, and then left me with a feeling of failure that I have yet to experience while attending college.  I’m not sure if it was me starting Crash Test, or our move, or just life that got me off track this semester, but I am perfectly sure that this will go down as my worst semester to date!

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I seemed to completely lose interest in my education this semester and as a result I missed tests, forgot to turn in assignments, and just pretty much decided to be a slacker…and now with the end of the semester SO close I’m kicking myself in the butt for letting it get this far.  Tonight as I was finishing up my homework (that is due tomorrow by the way…can you say major procrastinator?) I decided to check my grades, and then I saw them and wanted to throw my computer out the window.  Of course, I can’t really blame anyone but myself, I mean I am the one who decided that I could handle 5 classes, 4 kids, a 3 bedroom house to clean (by myself), 2 grown men living in that 3 bedroom house (oh don’t get all weird on me…I already told you we don’t go for the brother husbands thing lol) who seem to make more messes than my 4 legitimate children, and 1, nope scratch that, 2 blogs to keep up with…yeah frickin right.  I’ve come to realize, the hard way I might add as I seem to have no desire to ever learn things the easy way, that I cannot do it all, I am not Super Woman (or Wonder Woman rather) and that I do need help…LOTS of help! 

So I’ve decided to take the summer semester off from college, focus on my kids, and build my blogs and then go full force in the fall to get my classes finished and ace them all…and hopefully be that much closer to graduation…have I ever mentioned that a certain college algebra class is all that stands between me and my associates degree?  Yes, well that my lovelies is the truth…I transferred schools needing only college algebra to get my associates degree…and the thought of that class makes me nauseous so I decided hell I might as well just switch schools and focus on my major…well, I did that and now I still have to take that God awful algebra class…how does algebra have anything to do with communication? 

So in closing, and I promise I did have a point when I started writing this, though now that point escapes me, I am tired…and stressed…and majorly pissed about the way I handled this semester.  So please take it from me, if you’re in school and you’re just over it, don’t give up, keep pushing yourself to do better and go further and before you know it you WILL graduate.  It’s such a shame that I cannot seem to take my own advice…for whatever reason I rather like making life difficult for myself…yep definitely that…after all I did birth 4 children…it doesn’t get much more difficult than that! 


  1. How you feel about taking algebra is how I feel about taking English classes. I do not excel in English classes, the diagraming sentences is sometime my brain just doesn't seem to wrap around.
    I hope you find a great person who can tutor you through the algebra course. Regrouping over the summer sounds like a good idea.

  2. I hate algebra with such a passion...English I kick ass at, but math is and has always been my weakness!


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