Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remember a while back when I told you all how much my husband and I enjoyed our recent wine sampling from flipflop wines?  Well, we recently received another wine to try out a German Riesling imported and bottled by the same wine merchants as flipflop wines.




I mentioned in my last review that of the 3 wines I was able to try out I really enjoyed the Riesling the most, so when I was asked if I would be interested in sampling a German Riesling I was more than happy to oblige. 


About The Rudolph Muller “Rabbit” Rieslingimage

The Rudolph Muller ‘Rabbit’ Riesling aka “The Bunny Wine” was produced from grapes grown in the Rhein region of Germany.  It is a modern style of Rielsing with aromas and flavors of peaches and pears.  The ‘Rabbit’ Rielsing won the  GOLD MEDAL, L.A. International Wine Competition, 2010. 

The wine’s crisp and fruity flavors are a perfect match with firmer cheeses, pastas with cream sauce, lighter seafood dishes and cuisine with Asian spices. 


We received two 3 liter Octavian’s of the  2009 Rudolf Muller Bunny Riesling to review a few weeks ago, as we had only recently moved into our new house we decided to save the Riesling for a housewarming party that we were planning and I’m so glad that we did.  With several of our friends on hand I introduced the German Riesling and asked all of them to try it, I must admit, most of our friends are not wine drinkers, but several of them really enjoyed the Riesling and a few even wanted to know where they could purchase it!   When I first tried the German Riesling I was very surprised at how low key and smooth it was, not surprisingly those were the same terms most of our party guests used to describe “The Bunny Wine”. 


If you’re new to wine, like I am the Rielsing is a perfect choice as it’s sweet taste and fruity aromas make this wine smooth and perfect for a novice wine drinker.  I cannot wait to try this wine with a pasta dish, I have one set aside that is perfect for this wine…see, I’m turning into a wine aficionado right before your eyes!


You can check out more about the 2009 Rudolph Muller ‘Rabbit’ Riesling and purchase a bottle to try for under $20 on the Underdog Wine Merchants website


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