Friday, March 11, 2011

The weather here in Ohio has been lousy lately, I’m pretty sure it’s rained almost every single day since I’ve moved…I’m over it!  Now as if the constant rain wasn’t bad enough, the Ohio River (which I just so happen to live right on the banks of) is flooding!  Schools in Cincinnati have had to close due to high water, roads have been closed due to high water, and unlucky businesses along the river have had to close their doors as well.  And sadly we haven’t even seen the worst yet, the already swollen Ohio river is expected to crest sometime this weekend for Maysville, KY (our neighbor to the south) at 55 feet, 5 feet above flood stage!

Driving through town today I noticed traffic cones along the entrance to our town park and decided to drive a little closer to get a better look and I discovered that half of the park is already underwater so I snapped a few photos of what we’re up against in my neck of the woods! 

Ohio River flood pictures

The tree line and poles in the water are usually at the edge of the park/upper river bank

Ohio River Floods Photos

The current water level is covering much of the parking lot, all of the basketball court, picnic tables, and beginning to reach the swings

Ohio River flood photos

The arrow on the right is pointing to the tree line that is normally at the edge of the park/upper river bank, the arrow on the left is pointing to the baseball field which will undoubtedly be covered in water before all is said and done!  You can also see the road at the bottom of the photo…not too far to go till it reaches that!

Ohio River flood photos

Part of the parking lot and all of the Veterans Memorial under water.

It snowed here tonight after it rained all day, not enough to really amount to much, here’s hoping it doesn’t rain and or snow anytime again in the near future


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