Wednesday, February 16, 2011

imageLately I’ve been having nothing but issues with my internet connection.   Our internet service provider (or as I like to call it my link to the outside world) has not been living up to their end of the bargain and I as a mindful consumer would like to take half that mind and tell them what I really think of them, but I digress.   2 modems, 3 routers, and 3 technicians later I found out it was the wireless routers causing the problem so I decided I had, had enough and began to explore my options as far as wireless routers go, that’s when I discovered the Cisco Valet and believe me when I say that it wasn’t a moment too soon.


If you’ve never heard of the Valet and you have a wireless router that is not always dependable you will want to pay attention to this review and hopefully save yourself some time, money, and trouble by checking them out!  First before I get to what the Cisco Valet is all about, did you know that if you have a wireless router from your cable/internet company you’re paying for it…monthly?  Yes, and if you have your own it’s yours no crazy monthly charges for equipment that doesn’t always work, or that doesn’t work at all which seemed to be my case.  Now on to what the Valet is and why you should check them out!Cisco Valet



The Cisco Valet (and the Cisco Valet Plus) are wireless routers that are “surprisingly simple”, easy to install, and bring you a reliable internet connection!  Easy 3 step installation (plug in, connect, and enjoy), the ability to instantly add all of your  wireless devices, and the security and peace of mind that come with Cisco security are only just a few of the many reasons the Valet is a great addition to  for your family.  Here are some of the other reasons to try the Valet by Cisco…


*  Unbeatable speed and range of Wireless (speeds up to 300 Mbps)

*  Automatic security (protect your network with integrated firewall protection and WPA encryption

*  Enhanced parental controls (you can block access times or websites for each connected device…big plus)

*  Instant guest access (separate guest network provides privacy and makes it easy for your guests to connect wirelessly)

*  24/7 Award Winning Phone support (you get one full year of customer support with your Valet purchase)




As I mentioned above I had been having serious connection issues with my wireless internet, from the wireless going in and out to the router not working at all so I was ready to try anything to ensure I had and kept wireless access.  When I received the Cisco Valet I was very excited (seeing how I had already been through 3 routers in as many months) and more than ready to give it a try.  Installation really was as simple as plugging in and connecting and the user interface is simple and very easy to use.  The big test however is would my wireless stay connected and not freak out of me when I needed it most?  The answer…YES!  I really couldn’t believe that having a wireless internet connection could be as simple as having a good router, but that definitely is the case.  Since using the Valet I’ve had no more issues with connectivity and I am more than happy with the product.  I was equally as happy handing the cable company’s useless router back to them and knowing that I’m saving a little money on my cable bill is just icing on the cake!


Make sure you check out Cisco’s Valet product line and be sure to check them out on Facebook where you can enter to win a personal assistant for 6 months…YES you heard that right…someone to do all your dirty work for 6 glorious months…on Cisco!  You can check out the details or the contest (and enter it of course) on the Cisco Valet Facebook Fan Page


The Valet and Valet Plus can be purchased online and in most retailers nationwide! 


*I was sent the above mentioned product by either the company or PR representing the company, all opinions are my own and not influenced by monetary gain*


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