Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I’ve been a bad blogger this week!  I’m in the middle of packing everything I own neatly into boxes,all labeled and stacked according to room (though honestly that’s probably a big waste of my time since I already know that my husband will just stack them all in the entryway and expect me to move them into their respective rooms).  So as I’m sure you’ve gathered…I’m moving!  image


As excited as I am to be moving into a bigger house (something that has been needed for some time now) I am equally dreading this weekend.  I’ve escaped all of the physical labor of our last two moves because I was pregnant and since I’ve refused to allow that to happen again (the pregnancy that is Smile)   I ‘m not getting out of this one and I a NOT excited about it.  At this point in the move most of the house has been emptied of it’s former contents and has been replaced by a bunch of boxes, that makes my anxiety level rise as I cannot stand chaos and disorder, both of which are present and accounted for here at the moment.  I know that I will be so happy after this weekend and so much less stressed so I hope to be back to blogging regularly by Monday (fingers crossed).  I’ve got so many great things to post about after the move is over, including taking you on a tour of our new house and lots of pictures of Before and After room makeovers…I AM excited about that part!


So I hope that y’all won’t miss me too much over the next few days, but trust me when I say that I’ll miss all y’all…I’m going to hate my life until this move is over! 


Be back soon with lots of fun stuff! 


  1. I haven't been a regular blogger lately either! see ya when ya get back to it!

  2. When you get back to blogging would you mind contacting me via email. I have tried quite a few times to contact you about winning the coffee-mate giveaway and haven't been able to connect with you!

    Thanks so much!
    Loren McGhee

  3. Loren...I haven't received any emails from you...if you used the email address associated with my profile on here that may be why...I'm going to email you now! So sorry about that!


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