Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My son loves Spiderman...he has since I can remember, actually now that I think about it he pretty much came outta the womb shooting webs! I indulge his love for all things Spiderman because it's cute, he loves it, and he's only 3, but lately I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't taking the whole Spider-man thing a little too seriously. Take for instance the conversation that Lil Man and I had last week...

Lil Man climbing on his web (aka Lil Diva's crib) and shooting webs at the camera

Me: Hey Lil Man (of course I used his real name) dinner's ready.

Lil Man: (looking irritated that I bothered him in the middle of his web climbing) Mom I not Lil Man.

Me: Um, ok then, who are you?

Lil Man: (annoyed...again) I'm Peter Mom.

Me: (confused) Peter who?

Lil Man: Peter Partner ( he cannot say Parker) mom...duh!

And this child is 3...3 years old and has already changed his name to a fictional superhero spider and he uses the word 'duh"...when the hell did my son become grown enough to "duh" me?

Aside from the name change associated with his hero worship Lil Man, I mean Peter Parker, now insists that we play along with him as members of the Avengers so we can fight bad guys and climb on the couches while wearing cool costumes without getting into trouble. I was fortunate enough to catch this one on video (oh the blackmail this video will provide me in the future) but since my husband threatened bodily harm if I posted it you'll just have to settle for some photos of Lil Man and even Lil Diva get in on the Spider-man act!

Please tell me my son (and daughter) are not the only ones obsessed with comic book heroes?



  1. We are to busy working on the construction site in my son's room to wear costumes right now.

  2. My son was wild for Spiderman too!!! Enjoy it for sure! Time flies & before you know it he will be driving


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