Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey y’all, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend I know I enjoyed mine!  Since I usually do “What’s in Misadventurous Mommy’s Diaper Bag?” on Mondays I thought I’d get back to our “With Love” Valentine’s Day feature tomor0w…does that work for y’all?


Great!  Now if this is your first time playing you can check out everything you need to know to join in here.  So if everyone is ready we’ll get started…feel free to grab the button below and let your friends know all about “What’s In Misadventurous Mommy’s Diaper Bag?”  the prizes will get bigger the more people who play!!!!  And as always this WIMMDB is sponsored by me, myself, and I!!!


Now let’s get started!


You know how this works…clue #1 is….





Have at it…if no one has guessed correctly by tomorrow night I’ll add a 2nd clue!


Good luck!


  1. nope not red lipstick, though I do have lipstick in my diaper bag lol

  2. A gift card for Little Caesars

  3. Dang ladies y'all are TOO good at this game!

    January 31, 2011 7:17 PM 5


    A gift card for Little Caesars

    Got it on the lookout for an email from me! And THANKS to everyone who played!

  4. We sure were close, too.

    BTW, I got my Bob Evans GC in. Thanks so much!


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