Sunday, December 19, 2010

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What is the best gift you ever gave?  Wow, that's a hard one!  Do I choose the PS3 I surprised my kids with last Christmas?  Or maybe the surprise weekend trip to Gatlinburg for my oldest daughter's birthdays a couple of years ago?  While those were most definitely awesome gifts, I can't pick either because I have one that's even more awesome!  Without a single doubt the best gift I ever gave was the gift of a Chuck E Cheese birthday party to one of the little boys who live in my neighborhood!

Last fall my husband and I were preparing for a day of fun with the kids at Chuck E Cheese, as we were loading the babies into the car my step-son came walking up with one of his friends (I will just call him C).  C looked pretty blue so I asked what was wrong, he stalled for a few seconds and then looking at the ground he quietly told me that it was his birthday.  Not really understanding why he would be so upset on his birthday I wished him a Happy Birthday and asked what plans he had for his big day.  Again C stalled and looked a little embarrassed then finally admitted that he really wanted a birthday party, but his mom wasn't having him one.  It broke my heart to see C so sad on his birthday, he's such an awesome kid and the thought of him not having a blast on his big day was something that I could just not be alright with.  So I gave my husband that look, you know the one we give to the men in our lives when we're about to do something they might not like, and called C's mom.  Once I received the OK from his mom (which was a little too easy considering it was her son's birthday) we packed all of the kids (including C) into the car and headed for Chuck E Cheese.

After pizza, games, and lots of fun I walked to the register and bought C a cake and asked if Chuck E could come and wish him a Happy Birthday...and a few minutes later Chuck E came to our table bearing a cake and a high 5 for C.  I remember the look on C's face when he saw the cake, it was one of amazement that someone who didn't have to care, cared enough to make sure his birthday was a great one!  It wasn't until we were on our way home that I heard C tell my step-son that he had the best birthday ever that day and that one of the things he had wanted to do most was go to Chuck E Cheese because he had never been...that made my entire day.  Knowing that I gave a little boy a simple birthday party with a last minute cake and a few game tokens warmed my was definitely the best gift I ever gave!  

So what about you?  What's the best gift you ever gave?

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  1. That was a nice gift!! I remember when my step children were younger, they remember going to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party we had for all 4 of the kids, their birthdays were all in June and we bought bikes for each of the kids and also surprised them with 2 of their friends for a Huge Surprise birthday Party.


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