Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There are some shows that have you on the edge of your seat and keep you there from beginning to end and V is one of them!  In case you haven't checked out V yet (and I cannot imagine that is the case as this show is awesome) you can get caught up by checking out what says about the show below!

From the ABC website:

"First there was rumbling. Then, darkness filled the sky. The Visitors have arrived. FBI Counterterrorism Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) stares in disbelief at one of the 29 massive alien ships hovering over the major cities of the world. A video image of the beautiful High Commander, Anna (Morena Baccarin), is seen from above. She soothingly says, “Don’t be frightened. We mean you no harm.” That’s a relief.

The Visitors spread their message quickly and clearly: They come in peace, bearing gifts of medical miracles and technological breakthroughs far beyond our wildest imaginations. Through their Peace Ambassadors program, the Visitors have built a loyal following. But not everyone trusts the V’s. There are those who believe they are strategically arming themselves with a very powerful weapon: Devotion.

As the world’s fascination with the V’s continues to grow, Erica discovers a secret hidden beneath the skin of every V – a secret that may threaten the lives of everyone close to her. This includes her teenage son, Tyler (Logan Huffman), who believes the V's are his ticket to something incredible.

Chad Decker (Scott Wolf)
, an ambitious network news anchor, scored the first one-on-one TV interview with Anna. This led to an exclusive relationship that furthered Chad’s career while providing positive PR for the V’s. This was necessary because there are those are skeptical of Anna’s intentions.

Father Jack (Joel Gretsch)
is a priest who began questioning his own faith in the wake of the Visitors' arrival. Seeking answers outside the church, Jack learned there are other dissidents who believe the Visitors are not who they say they are, including Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut), who was faced with his own life-altering decision once the Visitors arrived. Why? Well, Ryan is a V who knows the truth behind Anna’s plan. There are others like him. These V’s who have turned against their leadership became known as the Fifth Column.

So, here’s where we are: Erica knows that Ryan is a Visitor, but doesn’t know that Tyler visited the Mothership with Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) to meet her mother, Anna; Father Jack was stabbed by a V security guard he saw at a warehouse where evidence showed that experimentation on humans had taken place; Tyler’s therapist, Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) , revealed that she’s pregnant with Ryan’s child; and Chad, while doing a report on the V’s Healing Center, was told he has a potentially fatal illness. Will he let the V’s cure him and, in turn, be indebted to them forever? Will Erica and the rest of the Resistance be able to build an army strong enough to win the day?"

How's that for entertainment?  You know, I have to admit, I would be completely freaked out and overly cautious if the V's showed up in my town.  No, wait, actually I would be terrified because all things like that scare the crap out of me.  My mom on the other hand lives for the day that "visitors" show up and try to make nice with us humans.  I think that if my husband and children decided to have faith in and believe that the V's were here for good that I would definitely have a problem with it as I am a little more skeptical and cautious of things that appear to be a little too good to be true...and I think that the V's definitely fall into that category!

My mother and I actually had a discussion about what each of us would think if the V's suddenly appeared in our neighborhood.  

Me:  So mom, you've seen V right?
Mom:  Yes, I love that show!
Me:  I knew you would.  So what do you think you would do if the V's suddenly appeared in our town?
Mom:  Hmm, well I don't really know.  I mean I've seen enough Sci-Fi movies and shows to know that most aliens encounters are not peaceful.
Me:  You'd be the first one in line to get on the mother ship wouldn't you?
Mom:  Am I that obvious?  
Me:  Uh huh
Mom:  Well it's all so fascinating and I think that the show does a great job of getting people to think outside of the box when it comes to aliens and invasions, and all of that.
Me:  So what if I told you not to get on the ship?  Would you still go?
Mom:  Probably, I mean come on you mean to tell me you wouldn't be even a little curious?
Me:  Oh yes, I'd be curious, but I'd do it at a safe distance.  I've heard that aliens aren't all that friendly ya know.  
Mom:  Make fun of me all you want, I can't wait for the second season to start!

And that was the jest of our conversation.  Of course, I knew going in that my mom and I would have very different opinions on how we would handle an unexpected visit from the Visitors, but she was right that the show does indeed inspire conversations and what if scenarios.

And if you're as curious as I was about V make sure visit to pick up your set in time for the holidays and the Season 2 Premiere (it makes a great holiday gift for the Sci-Fi junkie on your list) because Season Two premieres on Tuesday January 4th at 9/8C on ABC!  You can also head over to the V website to watch episode highlights, a Season One recap, Star bios and so much more!



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