Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ifamily_tangled f your little princess has seen Disney’s new movie Tangled chances are pretty good that she has already added the Rapunzel doll to her holiday wish list.  I know my Nay Nay loves movies and is still into Barbie’s (thank goodness because I think I’m going to cry when she stops) and as soon as she saw Tangled she was all into Rapunzel!  I’m sure my Nay Nay is not the only little girl obsessed with Tangled (and Rapunzel) at the moment and if your little girl is one of them this is the review for you!

Mattel sent me the Flynn Rider and Rapunzel dolls from Disney’s new movie Tangled to review.  I have to admit I have not seen the movie but the kiddos assure me it’s a must-see!  Not seeing the movie didn’t stop me from falling in love with the Rapunzel and Flynn Rider dolls, they are so cute and I am so jealous that the Barbie’s I had to play with where nothing like the ones they have today!

Rapunzel doll from Disney’s Tangled

Inspired by Disney’s new animated feature film Tangled. Beautiful Rapunzel wears her signature gown from the movie and is the only Disney Princess that has beautiful golden hair that touches the ground. Dress features sparkling details and includes a 10" wear-and-share hair extension so girls can re-create favorite movie scenes with Rapunzel’s long, luxurious hair.image

Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled

Inspired by Disney’s new animated feature film Tangled. A dashing and unconventional hero, Flynn Rider helps guide Princess Rapunzel on her adventures outside of the tower and eventually wins her heart and fall in love. Girls will love playing out the romantic fun and adventure with the Flynn Rider doll. Each doll sold separately.image

So if your little one is begging and pleading for this Disney duo they are definitely worth the price and the smile on your little girl’s face as she unwraps them on Christmas morning will be priceless!

Buy it!

You can purchase Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Fashion Doll and Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Flynn Rider Fashion Dolls wherever toys are sold!

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  1. Little girls will surely like to have Rapunzel doll! Perfect birthday and Christmas presents for little girls.

  2. Ohhh my daughter would LOVE these. It was such a cute movie!

  3. Tangled could have been a disaster. Directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard really pushed for something different by attempting to modernize a classic tale for contemporary audiences while combining the classic storylines and imagery of Disney’s illustrious past. All of that experimentation can unbalance a film by leaning too heavily on one side or the other, but Tangled does a remarkable job at harmonizing the past and present. Gorgeous CG, an involving and up-tempo score, and some of the best sidekicks seen on screen propel this take on the character of Rapunzel. There is a sense of contemporary fun throughout the film, and yet the heart remains where it should; right in the middle.


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