Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My oldest girls have always been into singing and dancing, from putting on impromptu "concerts" for anyone who would listen to singing at the top of their lungs in the shower, I can't remember a time when there wasn't some kind of music and singing and dancing coming from the two of them.  That's why I knew that they would love the movie Standing Ovation!

Standing Ovation tells the musical story of "The 5 Ovations," five middle school friends who form a singing group to compete in a national music video contest.  Along their jurney to success, the 5 Ovations encounter their share of ups and downs, especially from the Wiggies, a group of five talented sisters, who, together with their parents will do anything to sabotage the Ovations' chances of competing for teh grand prize of one million dollars!  Armed only with their talent, passion, and street smarts, the 5 Ovations discover something even more valuable than prize money:  that perserverance, family, and friendship--plus a healthy does of laughter--are instrumental in fulfilling your dreams!

Filmed on location in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and New York City, this charming and kinetic musical brims with electricity and sincerity, stemming from a talented cast of 7-17 year olds, who are actual elementray and middle school students playing themselves!

The compelling and catchy music and incredible dance sequences will inspire tweens and teens across the county--even after the last note has sounded--to go after their own dreams and make them a reality!

If you have a budding musician, dancer, or actress in your house then you have to check out Standing Ovation!  It makes a great stocking stuffer for your little songstress!

Standing Ovation is available exclusively at through CreateSpace DVD on Demand.

*I received this product for my review.  Opinions are 100% mine and are in no way influenced by monetary compensation!*


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