Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've told you before how much I love candles, I use them nearly every day and love the way that they can change the atmosphere of a room in an instant.  Though I love candles, I detest trying to get them lit, you know, use a candle once or twice and the wick is almost nonexistent, but you love the candle so much you cannot stand to part ways with it so you play the "Watch me light this candle and burn the crap outta myself" game until you get the candle lit or become too disgusted with your lack of candle lighting skills to go on.  Thankfully I found a company that makes a couple of products that could come in handy this holiday season...Zippo!

Zippo is known for their awesome lighters, as a matter of fact, I've never actually heard of a Zippo being referred to as anything other than, "my Zippo" because they are just that superior to regular disposable lighters, but I'm getting off track here.  Did you know that Zippo makes candle lighters too...seriously I love this company more and more all the time.  Zippo's festive and fun designs on their customer favorite the Mini MPL.  The Zippo Mini MPL makes it easy to light all of your holiday candles and easily transform the ambiance of every room in your house! 

About  the Mini MPL

The Zippo Min i MPL is easy to use, with an advanced soft-touch ignition system and an adjustable flame dial.  Made of durable metal, the Mini MPL features a patented child-resistent safety button to keep your little ones safe.  The Mini is avaiable is four colors; Pink (my personal favorite), Sea Foam, Cabernet, and Pearl. 

The Zippo Candle Lighters Get a Festive look!!!

Zippo introduces their candle lighter in four festive designs; Asian Floral, Snowflake, Cheetah, and Patriotic.  Of course underneath the intricate designs are the same mini MPL that has been a customer favorite for gift giving since it's introduction several years ago!  The smaller size is perfect for smaller hands (like mine) and the child-resistent safety button are just a few of the reasons that the mini MPL is such a great gift idea!

I received the mini MPL in Snowflake for my review.  First off it comes in a cute gift box that is made to resemble a ladies clutch...such genius!  I can't tell you how many times I've used my cute little Zippo mini MPL to light candles, even candles that have definitely seen better days...I love it!  It doesn't hurt that the mini MPL makes holiday entertaining such much easier either! 

Pick one up to use for your next holidsay party and while you're at it grab a few to give as gifts! 

Buy it!

The mini MPL classic colors are available online for $14.95 and stylish designs are available for $19.95!

*I received the above mentioned product(s) for my review.  Opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced by monetary compensation*


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