Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Try as I might, I always seem to find myself at a loss when it comes to gift giving for my 12 year old step-son.  I mean after a certain age cars and guns just won't work anymore and there are only so many video games you can buy, make that age-appropriate video games that you can buy.  That's why I was so glad when I discovered Red Toolbox!

If you've never heard of Red Toolbox, well you're in luck, because I happen to know a few things about them...and if you have a tween boy to buy for this holiday you might want to pay extra special attention!  Red Toolbox is a specially designed line of tools and carpentry kits for kids, the kits recently became available in the US and are sold exclusively at Lowe's stores.  The line of specially designed products that offer "quality time in a box" for children and their parents.  The tool kits include a variety of tools and are ergonomically designed just for a child's grip.  The line features a variety of carpentry kit and tools, the kits feature Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced projects so that your child can move on to more difficult projects as their skills increase. 

First off can I just say how much I love the whole, "quality time in a box" that Red Toolbox allows?  There never seems to be enough time for the kids to spend with Daddy and every chance they jump at it, the fact that the kits in the Red Toolbox line are designed to be used with adults means that much more time spent with Dad (or Mom if she's the handy one around your house).  We received several products from Red Toolbox for our review.  I have to admit that my step-son hasn't had the chance to use this yet, as it seems like we've been busy every weekend that they've been here since my review items arrived, but I hope that while Daddy is off for a week over Christmas (yay by the way)  the Red Toolbox tools and kits will be put to good use!  I'll make sure I let you know when he's constructed his kits (and with his permission) share pictures of those kits with all of you!  Below you can check out the 3 products that we received!

Red Toolbox 10-piece tool set

*A MUST for any child and parent DIY duo
*Tools ergomonically designed to fit a child's grip
*  Set includes classic tools such as a hammer, screwdrivere, file, saw, and measuring tape
*  Tool belt, two 2" clamps, and safety goggles also included
Suggested Retail Price:  $ 19.99

Red Toolbox carpentry kits start at $9.98!

So if you're looking for a last minute gift to get the young man in your life make sure you check out Red Toolbox!  They're the perfect gift for the boy in your life make sure you check out Red Toolbox, exclusively at Lowes!


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