Monday, December 6, 2010

I remember when my husband and I were looking for a house I had only one requirement, aside from enough bedrooms, and that was that it had hardwood floor.  Now I love having hardwood floors, nothing is easier to clean and more beautiful, but in the winter it’s a whole different story.  Waking up from a warm toasty bed and stepping onto a cold floor is NOT what I had in mind when I decided that hardwood was best.  Since we are currently renting our house and carpet is not part of the plan I’ve had to get creative in my quest to keep our feet warm!image

I decided last winter that rugs worked best as a solution to our cold floors, not only did they fix the problem they also look and feel amazing and add so much more warmth and character to our rooms.  I love that rugs are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns and replacing them is as easy as rolling the old one up and putting a new one down.  I’ve decided that my old rugs have seen better days so I’m currently in the process of picking out new ones for the house.  I really love the look of the Jute rugs I’ve looked at and have found several that match my current furniture very well!  Of course, I also love the look of some of the Bamboo rugs that I’ve looked at and I’ve heard from my mother who has some of the Bamboo shag rugs in her house that they feel great as well!image

I’m not positive which rugs will be replacing my old ones, but I am certain that I’ve found a fun, fabulous, affordable alternative to cold hardwood floors!  And it doesn’t hurt that I can change the whole look and feel of my rooms without doing a complete room redo and for a busy mom like me that’s right up my alley! 

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