Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This past weekend my house was THE party pad!  No, my husband and I didn’t throw some wild, crazy shindig, hmm come to think of it, it was kinda wild and crazy, but not in the way you’re thinking.  So what kind of party did we throw?  A Pampered Hamster party compliments of Zhu Zhu Pets and Mom Select!Zhu Zhu Party

All of the Zhu Zhu Pet goodies for our Pampered Hamster Party!

Zhu Zhu Party 2

A few of the adorable Fall outfits for the Zhu Zhu Pets!

My daughter Nay Nay and a few of her friends got to play with some of the very charming and oh-so-cute Zhu Zhu Pets Rock Star Hamsters and the ultra chic and sassy Zhu Zhu Pets Beauty Salon!  The girls also got to check out (and deck their Zhu Zhu’s out in) some of the latest Zhu Zhu pets Fall Outfits (which, truth be told, couldn’t be cuter).  As soon as the girlies came into the room their eyes glazed over at all of the Zhu Zhu goodness!  When the task of choosing who got what Zhu Zhu (and that wasn’t an easy task) the girls got down to work choosing and swapping outfits and arguing, I mean discussing who would get the 2 Zhu Zhu pets Deluxe Fashion Carriers.  Once all of the swapping, trying on, and disusing was finished the girl were eager to play with the Zhu Zhu Pets Beauty Salon!

Zhu Zhu Party 4

Swapping outfits!

Zhu Zhu Party 7


I have to admit that I am NOT usually the one putting things together, but I tackled the Zhu Zhu Pets Salon on my own (yay me) and it wasn’t that awful lol.  Putting the salon together let me get a first hand look at how it all works and how awesome it truly is.  The Zhu Zhu Pets Beauty Salon features lighted mirrors, and a Zhu Zhu powered hair dryer fan!  The girls really seemed to get a kick out of the Rock Stars making the hair dryer work and even argued about whose pet would get to go first!   It was SO much fun for the girls and I cannot count the times Nay Nay asked for more Zhu Zhu Pet Rock Star’s for Christmas! 

Zhu Zhu Party 9Zhu Zhu Party 10

All of the girls had a great time and wanted me to thank Zhu Zhu and Mom Select for hooking them up with “all of the awesome stuff”!


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