Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wild DillWith all of the toy ads on television it is so hard to sift through the “I Wants” and “Mommy Can I haves?” to find toys that are well-made, quality toys for my kids.  I think there is definitely something to be said for toys that are natural, recycled, and made in the USA…not only do they seem to be better made and last longer, they also seem to be among my children’s favorite toys.

Recently I had the pleasure of getting to know Wild Dill, and I am so very glad that I did.  Wild Dill was started with one mother wanting a store that reflected her son’s sense of curiosity and love for the outdoors.  Wild Dill carries only organic, recycled, fair trade, natural, or made in the USA/Europe toys, clothes, and bedding.  Wild Dill wants their customers to enjoy and feel good about the products that they carry and that we give to our children.  As a mother the foundation and quality means so much when it comes to the toys that I buy for my children!ImagiPLAY Zoom to the Moon

We recently had the opportunity to review one of the toys from Wild Dill.  We received the ImagiPLAY Zoom to the Moon play set to review.  Both Lil Man and Lil Diva are very creative, and I love being able to provide them with toys that can help their imaginations soar!  The Zoom to the Moon play set does just that!  Included in the Zoom to the Moon play set is a soft rocket ship (that also doubles as storage for all of the play set pieces), 2 Astronauts, 3 Aliens, and a 2-headed Alien Dog.  The play set is also made with child safe paints (a huge bit of peace of mind for all of us mommies and daddies) and is made using chemical free Rubberwood! 

Aside from the out of this world theme, the Zoom to the Moon play set is a great tool for little ones to be creative and a chance for parents to squeeze a bit of education into play time!  If Lil Man ask me once why an astronaut wore a mask and a special suit he asked me 100 times, of course, I was very happy to explain to him something that he seemed to be so interested in learning about!

Wild Dill has so many great gift ideas from wooden toys and puzzles to organic baby clothing for your little one or any little one on your list!  So make sure to visit Wild Dill and check out the awesome selection of toys and clothing and don’t forget you can check out Wild Dill in MIBR 2010 Holiday Gift Guide as well!

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