Thursday, November 4, 2010

I’ve mentioned before how much my kids love to play games, so whenever there is a new board game out they are usually all over it.  To be completely honest I enjoy playing board games too, though I’m sure my children would tell you what a sore loser I am, and for the record I prefer to think of myself as extremely competitive, because well, that just sounds better to me!  image
We received the Sorry Spin by Hasbro game a couple of weeks ago to review and as soon as my oldest girls got home from school they wanted to play.  More about that in a minute, first let me tell you a little bit about Sorry Spin.  Sorry Spin is like the original version on a major sugar rush, after too much Halloween candy!  While the goal of Sorry Spin is the same as the original (be the first to get all of your pawns back home) the game board is not like the Sorry of my childhood.  The Sorry Spin game board  twists and turns and can make you instantly closer to your goal or give your opponents the leg up. 

Here’s some more about Sorry Spin from Hasbro’s website:

The twists and turns never end in this fun game! Just like in the classic SORRY game, your goal is to get your pawns back to their same-colored home. But watch out: in the SORRY SPIN game, if you draw a Spin Card, the playing board turns and you could end up getting closer to your goal -- or whizzing right past it! In a SORRY SPIN showdown, revenge is sweet...unless the board spins and the revenge is on you!
Now when I was growing up I was the Queen of Sorry, I beat my sister, my cousins, my friends, anyone who dared play me so when we received this version of Sorry it was on and I was certain I would retain my crown and title of Sorry Champ!  Umm, it kinda, sorta didn’t happen like that…my kids whopped my butt!  But we had a blast and that’s (almost) the most important part..kidding, kidding…kinda!  image If you’re looking for a great board game to give to your kiddos this holiday season or maybe even a new addition to your Family Game Night selection I recommend you check out Sorry Spin! 

Buy it:  

Sorry Spin is available at retailers nationwide or online.

You can check out Sorry Spin in Misadventures in Baby Raising’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide along with tons of other great gift ideas!


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