Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've mentioned before how much I love candles (it’s actually sort of an obsession…shh don’t tell anyone) but have I also mentioned how much I love massages?  Though the latter seemed to happen much more frequently before I had two little ones running around I do very much enjoy a great massage.  So it’s pretty much a given that when someone decided to incorporate the two they gained a lifelong, loyal customer in me.  

I was introduced to Scandle last year and was hooked with one sniff of their Chocolate Covered Strawberries scandle.  If you are unfamiliar with Scandle then let me be the first to introduce you to this awesome company.  “The Scandle is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a soothing and healthy body oil.  The Scandle is perfect for massage, cuticle treatments for mani/pedi, or even as an everyday moisturizer.”  On top of being just plain awesome the Scandle comes in an array of yummy scents including Lavender, Sex on the Beach (doesn’t that sound inviting), Margarita, and their newest scents from their Fall collection Autumn Harvest and Pumpkin Pie Spice as well as 2 alluring scents from their holiday collection White Christmas and Holiday Spirit.   
I was sent the Holiday Spirit Shimmering Body Candle for my review.  One of the most important things about a candle (at least for me) is that it smells amazing and this scandle delivered…in a big way.  The Holiday Spirit candle smells just like Christmas so each time I burn the candle makes the holidays seem that much closer.  Let’s not forget about the massage aspect of the candle, believe me when I tell you that nothing is better than getting a massage with the Scandle; between the amazing aroma and the warm shimmering oil there’s nothing you won’t like about Scandle candles! 

Of course the Scandle Shimmering Body Candle has other great benefits as well:
*  Gives skin a natural shimmer
*  Masks wrinkles and skin imperfections by deflecting light
*  Provides hydration to the skin
*  Adds aroma and ambiance to any setting

Scandle candles make an excellent holiday gift for that special someone on your list and the travel tins make perfect stocking stuffers!

Buy it!

You can purchase Scandle candles online at!

Make sure you check out the Scandle in MIBR 2010 Holiday Gift Guide!  


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