Friday, October 22, 2010

 image Through all four of my pregnancies my wardrobe was a mess.  My regular clothes taunted me from my closet, but I knew that I had to look and wish, but not touch…it was awful.  I have never been the type to wear maternity clothes, because to be honest most of them are hideous, I opted instead for sweats and t-shirts and we all know how attractive that is…not!  Being pregnant is hard enough, between the morning sickness,backaches, and terrible cravings, finding maternity clothes that make you look and feel amazing shouldn’t be so difficult.

Last fall I was introduced to a company who took my views on maternity clothes and turned them upside down!  Isabella Oliver Maternity is a clothing company that believes that maternity clothes should look good and be comfortable.  Not only does Isabella Oliver do maternity clothes (loved by many celebrity moms!) they also have Isabella Oliver 365 which comes from the same philosophy - stylish, modern classics that look and feel great.  If you’re looking for a great top, dress, or jacket you have to check out Isabella Oliver! 
Here’s a little more about Isabella Oliver Maternity and Isabella Oliver 365 from there website:

When we first started Isabella Oliver, it was because we couldn't find any pregnancy clothes that we liked to wear. So, in 2003 we launched our first maternity collection, a collection of beautifully-cut maternity clothes made from the best fabrics which not only look good, but are also very comfortable too. Fast forward to the present and we are dressing pregnant women around the world, have been awarded the Queen's Award, and our maternity signature detailing (wrapping and ruching)has become a standard for every pregnant woman's wardrobe.

Together with Geoff (my husband and co-founder) and our team, Isabella Oliver has been a labour of love and a real team effort from everybody here. We are very proud to have achieved what we have, but the truth is that we never stand still andare always asking for the thoughts and reactions of our customers, like you.

Isabella Oliver 365 is born out of our first venture, Isabella Oliver Maternity, which we launched in 2003 to give pregnant women a place where they could find stylish and well-cut clothes that look and feel great. Over the years our customers, friends and family were asking us why we weren't applying the same design approach of creating stylish, well-designed pieces in easy-care fabrics to clothes for women who weren't pregnant. We agreed and in 2008 launched Isabella Oliver 365.
The 365 collection is based on enduring classics with a modern twist. Clothes that you can throw on and know you'll always look and feel great in; pieces that you can come back to day after day, year after year. Clothes that are made of the best, beautiful-to-the-touch fabrics. Isabella Oliver is a modern collection to suit women's needs all day, everyday.


As I mentioned above I fell in love with Isabella Oliver’s designs from the first moment…they are timeless, elegant, comfortable, and absolutely beautiful.  Of course, I am not pregnant, but as I mentioned above Isabella Oliver caters to both mommy’s to be and us mommy’s who have already delivered.  I recently had the opportunity to do another review for Isabella Oliver for our Holiday Gift Guide, I received the Billow 2-in-1 top to review.  The Billow 2-in-1 is a top with an attitude…you can wear it as is (with collar and cuffs) or remove them for a completely different look!  I must admit I am in love with this top…it’s versatile, stylish, and it looks great on!  Of course, I also have my eye on a few other lovely pieces at Isabella Oliver…I must bookmark and send to hubby!  

If you’re looking for a great maternity wardrobe or even if you just want a new fall coat…you have to check out Isabella Oliver!  Make sure you check out our Holiday Gift Guide featuring Isabella Oliver and so many more great holiday gift ideas!

Buy it!

You can purchase the Billow 2-in-1 online at!

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  1. Boy I sure wish I had a place like this to buy my maternity clothes at when I was pregnant! I just love that top you are pictured in very classy and it looks so comfortable!

  2. I've never heard of Isabella Oliver before, but I LOVE that shirt! You look super cute AND comfy. I'm going to look them up.


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