Monday, November 1, 2010

image I love shopping online!  Honestly, is there anything better than browsing the sale items of your favorite online store, in your PJ’s while sipping hot chocolate?  In a word…no!  While I do love going our shopping with friends or even by myself I usually only go browsing and wait to purchase until I can get online and find all of the best deals!    Like right now I have been searching high and low for a new dining room table to accommodate our holiday guests, but I have had zero luck in my local stores.  So what is a Misadventurous Mommy to do you ask?  Well she goes online of course, and finds a huge selection of drop leaf tables just perfect for her Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings! 

image Is that not just absolutely gorgeous? 

Seriously without online shopping I would be very lost!  One of my absolute favorite places to shop is CSN…with a selection of over 200 stores you can find everything you need (and then some). 

Be on the lookout soon for an awesome review and even cooler giveaway for all of you from CSN just in time for the holidays!


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