Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dinnertime at our house is hectic to say the least, it just so happens to be the busiest and most stressful part of my day.  One of the biggest issues I face at the dinner table is seating.  The big kids all sit together at one end of the table, Lil Diva sits in her high chair at the other end of the table, and Lil Man struggles to find his place somewhere in between.  The problem is that Lil Man will not sit in a high chair he tells me and I quote, “I not Mom I not a baby!”, but Lil Man is too little to reach the table comfortably.  In the past we have tried a number of different ways to make dinnertime comfy for him; books on top of the chair, pillows to make him sit higher up, you name it we’ve tried it, but the issue still remains.  That is until I started using the Grow Up! booster for Lil Man!Grow-up! 150x150

The Grow Up! booster is made by a company that I love, Mutsy!  You may already be familiar with Musty as they have some of the best strollers in the industry!  The Transporter, Easyrider, and 4 rider are just a few of their affordable and dependable models.  The Grow Up! booster seat is touted as “the most stylish seat at the table for baby” and I would have to agree.  Mutsy’s Grow Up!  booster allows babies to sit in a grow up seat with comfort and safety.  The Grow Up!  booster features a 5-point harness that fastens baby securely into the seat and 2 more straps attach the booster to a standard size chair allowing for safety and stability.  The Grow Up!  booster will safely fit a toddler up to the age of 4.  4Rider 150x150

I also wanted to tell you about a few of Mutsy’s strollers, as they truly are some of the best out there!  The Mutsy Easyrider is a lightweight stroller (weighs only 14 pounds) that is both stylish and functional.  The Easyrider is designed to be super easy to use making it perfect for travel and/or every day use.  The 4rider from Mutsy (pictured above) features the classic Mutsy look with contemporary minimalist look.  The full-swivel front wheels make the 4rider perfect for moving from the busy sidewalks of the city to the sandy shores of the beach by locking in place for easy transition.  The 4rider also features a fully-reclining seat with head enclosure and leg support and can also be used with the optional bassinet. 

I received the Musty Grow Up!  booster in Apple to review.  Before I go any further I have to say that I love the colors that the Grow Up! seat is available in; apple, aqua, blueberry, mandarin, nut, and raspberry!  Given my dinnertime issues where Lil Man is concerned I was more than happy to try the booster—hey anything has to be better than phone books!  The first time we used the Grow Up! booster I sat right beside Lil Man as he ate, I wanted to make sure that the Grow Up! could handle his rambunctiousness, and it did…with ease!  He seemed perfectly comfortable in the booster as he ate dinner and I know that he was glad to finally sit at the dinner table without pillows or books.  To be honest I really thought Lil Man would whip the Grow Up! booster into shape, but the booster held it’s ground as he wiggled, danced, rocked, and twisted…this mommy was very impressed!  One of the features that I appreciate most of the Grow Up! booster is definitely the harness, I feel like my child is very safe when he is hooked in and ready to eat.  I also love how easy the Grow Up!  booster is to clean, it literally takes seconds to wipe down which is great for this busy mommy!  It’s also great that the Grow Up! booster is lightweight and is easily transported.  One of my biggest pet peeves is restaurant high chairs; they are dirty, uncomfortable, and definitely not something I want me child sitting in and eating food off of.  With the Grow Up! booster it’s easy to just stow it in the back of the car and be on our way…and no more dirty restaurant high chairs or booster seats.  Even the price is affordable at $59. 

Do you want to know about new products and deals before anyone else?  Well of course you do—so make sure you visit Mutsy on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!  And while you’re visiting their Facebook Fan Page make sure you “Like” them and enter their Hot Summer Fun for Baby Giveaway where you could win $1000 worth of prizes! 

Buy it!

You can purchase the Grow Up! booster by Mutsy online! 


  1. My newest grand daughter is a little young yet but I wll keep this in mind

  2. This sounds like a very safe booster seat and I love the raspberry color!


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