Monday, August 16, 2010

One of my very favorite stores is The Children’s Place!  Not only can you pick up the most adorable fashions for your kids for back to school, but you can pick them up for next to nothing!  Don’t believe me?  Well check out Tori Spelling and her husband Dean doing some back to school shopping for their little ones Liam and Stella at The Children’s Place!

Tori and Dean spent a little over an hour shopping at The Children’s Place in LA and when asked what she thought of the store Tori replied:  "Everything is better than the next. I love it here!"  Not only did Tori stock up on BTS clothes for Liam and Stella she picked up a couple of adorable Halloween costumes (which just hit stores this week) for Stella and her cousin!  She also snagged these adorable Cozy Boots (for just $28.50) how awesome is that?image

Stella also loved the plaid trend (so do my girls) so mommy Tori picked up a few choice plaid pieces for her back to school collection.  Liam tried on lots of hats, from dressy to causal and he decided that both the baseball caps and the fedoras (another favorite of my girls) were his favorites! 

Dean said that they “would definitely come back often! These prices are so great and the clothes are so cool."

He even Tweeted about it:  Got all the kids back to school clothing at The Children's Place. What a great store!!! 

That must be true…check out the back of their SUV loaded with goodies from The Children’s Place!

image I guess even stars enjoy a bargain!  Make sure you check back soon for more great deals and awesome fashions from The Children’s Place!  And don’t forget to include TCP on your list of places to check out for Back to School!


  1. I love the stuff from Children's Place. Reasonably priced and stylish.

  2. Too cool! I know they struggle like all of us. She didn't get much of her dad's money I read. I love TCP!


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