Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August is always a hectic month for me; it begins with a bang as Lil Man’s birthday rolls around just as the month is beginning (pictures from his party will be coming soon) and ends with both myself and my girlies going back to school!  I don’t talk too much about my life as a college student, mostly because it’s just another crazy, hectic, stressful part of my life, but I have decided that talking about me being in school while raising 4 kids (5 if you count my husband) might be a good thing!  back to school,books,bookworms,colleges,education,Fotolia,high schools,librarians,libraries,Photographs,schools,screaming,screams,students,teenagers,teens,textbooks,upset,women,yelling,yells
I have been a college student for a while now at my local community college, but I decided last month to finally take the leap and enroll in an actual university!  While my grades have been pretty good through college with my GPA staying consistently around a 3.4 (which is a miracle in itself) it has taken forever to finish so I am leaving my community college 3 credit hours shy of an AA degree (LONG story behind why I am not staying to complete it).  It makes me feel like somewhat of a failure for not staying it out until my degree is completed, but I know that transferring is the right thing for me to do. 
So this fall I will be a student at Northern Kentucky University (NKU for short) and I couldn’t be happier.  I will be pursuing a Bachelors degree in Communications Studies and I will be completing my courses online (major lifesaver for this mom of 4).  I am very anxious for classes to start, but also terrified that I will not be able to keep up.  The past two semesters at my previous school were tough to say the least, trying to find the right balance between being able to be there for my kids like I need to and finding time to study is not easy and it proved to be quite the challenge.  I can only hope that a fresh start at a new school will provide me with the kick start I need to get the ball rolling and work my way (quickly work my way) to a degree. 
I hope that y’all will stick around to read about the ins and outs of trying to balance being a mommy, wife, student, and blogger!  I can’t promise much—but I promise it will be entertaining! 


  1. Good for you! Good luck this fall!

  2. You know I love ya girl and will always keep checking on you :). You'll rock it girl!

  3. Good luck. If you've almost gotten an AA degree and have had the grade point average you've had, you've got the determination to succeed anywhere you go.

  4. Man I hear ya, August is such a crazy month! Going to school and trying to balance everything else is a big job - good for you, I'm sure you'll do awesome!


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