Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Remember my post before the holiday weekend telling you about an exciting new series we have going on this summer?  The Summer 2010 Must-Haves series is jammed packed with great family-friendly, fun, summer activities and lots of great product reviews, tips, and tricks to help each activity go off as smoothly as possible.  This week is all about Amusement Park Fun!
Last weekend our family spent some time at our local amusement park, Kings Island.  Summertime=KI in our neck of the woods; not only is it an economical and fun way for the kids to spend part of their summer vacation it’s also lots of fun for mom and dad too! 
One of the reasons I love visiting KI is because of its awesome water park (Boomerrang Bay!  )It was extremely hot last weekend here and waiting in the long lines at rides was not something I was looking forward to, so we had a plan.  Get there early, spend the morning riding a few ride, eat lunch, spend the hottest part of the afternoon at the water park, and then return to the amusement park after it cooled down some.  Our plan proved to be a huge success, the kids had an amazing time and mommy and daddy did as well!  Below are some of my favorite photos of our fun filled day at Kings Island {The Fun and Only}!
Lil Man and Savanna on one of the fabulous kiddie rides at Planet Snoopy!
Showing off her skills!
Wishing he was big enough to ride the Bumper Cars.
2 of our kiddos bumping each other around on the track.
Taylor posing it up with Snoopy!
This was totally NOT posed…I have no idea what my kids were doing lol.
Waiting to ride The Great Pumpkin coaster…LOVE this pic my husband shot of me and Lil Man!
Be sure to check back tomorrow (and the rest of the week) for more great Amusement Park Fun!

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  1. I LOVE King's Island! I have literally(no lie) had a season pass there since I was 7 years old! It is so nice to have such an awesome place so close by! And... don't you just love the new kiddie area? I am digging the Peanut's theme this year! And I agree... there is nothing better than the water park on a hot day in July!!! Looks like you all had a great time!!!


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