Monday, July 19, 2010


We’re back with more of our Summer 2010 Must-Haves series!  Last weeks theme was Amusement Park Fun—I hope everyone had a chance to check out the great Must-Have products for a trip to the amusement park.  If you haven’t done so yet make sure to check out my Top Tips for Amusement Park Fun!
 Since I mentioned in my initial amusement park fun post that our local amusement park {Kings Island} has its own water park “Boomerang Bay" I thought that it would be fun to go straight from the Amusement Park Fun theme into the Poolside theme of the Summer 2010 Must-Haves! 

One of the worst parts of summer for me is going swimsuit shopping.  After four kids my body is nowhere near the 100 pound frame with a flat stomach and perfect bikini body it used to be.  Trying to find a swimsuit that is fashionable and flattering can be very difficult, but thankfully I found a company who cares about women’s wants and needs when it comes to swimsuits—MiracleSuit.

MiracleSuit is a unique and innovative swimsuit that slims, shapes, contours, and firms the body.  The secret to the MiracleSuit is in its Miratex fabric which features 3 x’s the spandex of traditional swimsuits.  MiracleSuit says its suits are designed to give women the bust support they need and to help camouflage trouble spots without the binding girdle liners of most sliming suits.  With help from the Miratex fabric MiracleSuit swimsuits claim to make women appear 10 pounds lighter in the 10 seconds it takes to slip them on! 

As soon as I visited the MiracleSuit website I fell in love with several of their swimsuits—they truly have a great selection of gorgeous suits to fit every style.  Below are some of my favorite suits from MiracleSuit!
This is the Avanti strapless one-piece leaf print suit from MiracleSuit and I LOVE it!  The Avanti originally sells for $144 but is on sale for $86 right now at

The Camilla is another suit from MiracleSuit that I think is just gorgeous!  Available in both red and black, you can purchase this suit at as well.

I received the “Rialto” one-piece swimsuit (pictured below) from MiracleSuit to review.  Available in sexy red and dark purple, the Rialto is a one-piece that could compete with even the sexiest bikinis!  The “Rialto” is definitely one smoking hot one-piece (and you thought there was not such thing as a sexy one-piece).  The back of the Rialto suit offers full coverage, while still making your backside flattering.  The shirring at the bust and in the tummy area help to make the Rialto a flattering suit while offering coverage where most women need it most!  I also love the illusion that the suit is a two piece.  


When I received my MiracleSuit I  couldn’t wait to try it on, after all I did have to see if it made me appear 10 pounds lighter after I slipped into it!  The thing I immediately noticed about the Rialto MiracleSuit was that it is tight, not just snug like most swimsuits, but tight!  And while the suit was tight it was not uncomfortable, the only time the suit actually felt tight was when I was struggling to put it on (yes, I struggled).  Once on I could feel the MiracleSuit sucking in and molding my body in all of the right places—it fits like a glove, but does so in a flattering way.  I was surprised (given the tightness of the suit) that I didn’t have unflattering tufts of skin showing, the suit seemed to do the job of camouflaging amazingly!  So the big question is, did I appear 10 pounds lighter after I slipped my MiracleSuit on?  Well according to everyone who has seen me in the suit YES.  When I looked in the mirror (and let’s be honest it doesn’t matter what anyone else says if we don’t think we look good) I thought the suit had a great slimming effect that I haven’t seen on other suits, and while I don’t think I looked 10 pounds lighter I would definitely say that the suit made me look at least 5 pounds slimmer with it on…and in my book that’s a keeper!

Buy it:  You can find a full list of retailers who sell MiracleSuit swimsuits here

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  2. girl it would be a miracle if I could get my butt into one ... hehe :). It's an optical illusion people just go with it!


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