Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being in a house surrounded by girls, my son has his work cut out for him.  From the endless supply of dolls to the less than manly dress-up clothing he has to choose from—he fights a daily battle to remain all boy in a sea of girly girls.  Having said that, my son loves to play dress-up, the only problem is that his options for dress-up clothing are limited at best and completely, 100% girly, which he does not approve of.  He does occasionally gather his dads work clothes, hat, gloves, and boots and stomp around the house pretending to go to work—it’s one of the cutest images I have ever seen, but it doesn’t last long as he usually ends up tripping over the clothing and falling all over himself.  The need for a more masculine dress-up wardrobe is definitely high on my sons list of priorities. 
Thanks to the Family Review Network and Costume Discounters my son has a reason to smile and the reason for that  smile just so happens to be the Boys Toy Story 3 Woody Costume—more on that in a minute!  Costume Discounters offers their customers the latest costumes at incredible prices, and with their Lowest Price Guarantee how could you go wrong?  From Toddler Costumes to Adult and Pet costumes, Costume Discounters has something for everyone.  With Halloween not too far off, I’ve already started thinking of Halloween Costumes for the kids and I knew as soon as TS3 came out that my Lil Man’s costume would without a doubt be Woody!
Toy Story 3 Woody
Toy Story 3 Deluxe Woody Costume
Back to Lil Man’s Woody costume.  Lil Man stood perfectly still by my side as I began opening the box containing his Woody costume, this is a regular occurrence as he gets very excited when the mail comes.  As soon as my son saw the costume it was over, he was running around the room yelling, “It’s Woody…It’s Woody!”.  When he was done with his display of obvious delight Lil Man came up to me and said, “Mom, you put that on now?” and how could a mother resist that?  I obviously do not know the answer to that question as I opened the costume and helped Lil Man work his way into it.  To say that I thought my son was cute with his Woody costume on would be a huge understatement…he looked absolutely adorable—truly! 
See what I mean?  Seriously have you ever seen a cuter Woody?
Great details—love the Sherriff’s badge and gun holster!
If you know me IRL then chances are you know that I normally prefer homemade costumes to store bought, BUT Costume Discounters and my sons adorable Woody costume made my change the way I think about that!  The Toy Story 3 Woody costume has got to be the cutest costume that I have ever seen, from the boots and gun holster to the most adorable cowboy hat ever!  I was actually surprised by the quality of the fabric, it’s soft and not at all itchy and uncomfortable (like most seem to be) and it is incredibly durable.  Lil Man received his costume last week and he hasn’t  taken it off for more than an hour or two since.  He wears the costume to the grocery store (where he always receives compliments and I always get asked, “Where on earth did you get that costume?”), he wears the costume outside (in 95 degree weather), and he wears it to bed—and the costume looks as great today as it did when it came out of the box!  I also love the fact that the costume has the little extras that really make it a Woody costume, I love the sheriff’s badge, the gun holster and the boot shoe covers are adorable as well, but my favorite accessory has got to be the hat…the hat makes this costume!  
As much as I love the costume and cannot wait to see Lil Man Tick-or-Treating in it, I am so happy that he finally has a dress-up costume of his own.  No more high heels or daddy’s work clothes, nope Lil Man is walking tall in his Woody costume shouting, “Howdy Partner” and “There’s a snake in my boot” to anyone that’ll listen…thanks Costume Discounters!
"This post was written for Family Review Network & Costume Discounters who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review"


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  2. How cute!!! We are huge Toy Story fans around here! My daughter went as Jessie a few years back and was a huge hit!

    That costume looks great!


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