Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It’s MIBR’s 2010 Summer Must-Have Hot List…bring you all of the products that you just simply must have this summer!  This week is Amusement Park Fun week, I hope you had a chance to check out our trip to our local amusement park from my post yesterday…if not go check it out—I’ll wait!  Today we have a couple of products from one of my favorite companies—Munchkin!image
As a mom and a review blogger I come across products on a daily basis that I instantly fall in love with, when those products are made by a company that I happen to adore it’s even better!  Munchkin is a company that I have known and loved for years now, I adore the way they “get” parents wants and needs and make products that meet both!  From their modern and fun bath toys to their innovative feeding products, Munchkin seems to have its finger on the pulse of parents everywhere! 
Munchkin was kind enough to send me a couple of products to review for our Amusement Park Fun theme and I cannot wait to share them with you!  One of the things that I dread most about going to the amusement park is dealing with pushing a stroller and trying to juggle drinks—hate it!  The cup holders on strollers only hold one size cup and don’t even get me started on the topic of my children pushing whatever cup the holder is attempting to hold on the ground 300 million times, it’s just a mess all the way around!  If you’ve been right smack dab in the middle of the situation I just described then you are going to LOVE the first product I reviewed—the Munchkin Stroller Cup Holder
Why I like the Stroller cup Holder:
*  It’s easy to attach and fits most strollers!
*  It’s self-leveling—makes worrying about drinks spilling nonexistent!
*  It’s colorful, super functional, and a Godsend on a trip to the amusement park and just about everywhere else!
The Stroller Cup Holder was super easy to attach to my double stroller (I did have a difficult time getting it to attach to my niece's stroller) and fit every size cup I tried!  I was worried that once I started pushing the stroller the holder would slip, or that the cup would move, but neither was an issue—the cup holder didn’t budge and the cup stayed secure the entire time it was in the holder. 
Easily attached to most strollers
Flexible arms expand to fit different size cups!
The next product that I had a chance to try out was the Munchkin Go Diego Go Insulated cup.  My son is a huge Diego fan so this cup was an instant hit with him!  I love the fact that it’s insulated and spill proof—a big PLUS at our house!  Not only did Lil Man administer the “Crash Test” (Lil Man’s contribution to mommy’s reviews—usually consists of him picking the item up and trying to destroy it within the first 5 minutes of use) to his Diego cup, it passed with no leaks and his drink stayed icy cold down to the last drop! 
munchkin_4 Lil Man helping Mommy with her review!
Both of these Munchkin products scored high marks with me, I love that they are affordable, functional, and fun—they are definite Must-Haves for any summer travel you may be doing!
Buy it:  You can purchase these Munchkin products (and so many more) at retailers nationwide! 
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  1. Love their products! What a great holder so need one of those :)

  2. Me too! They are one of my favorites!


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