Monday, June 28, 2010

As a blogger, social networking is part of my everyday vocabulary.  Though I never realized the importance or power of using social networking before I started blogging, now more than ever I know how powerful and empowering it can be.

Just as powerful as social networking with other bloggers and businesses is social networking for women.  Finding a place where we can feel connected, inspired, and empowered in a safe female dominated environment is an amazing thing.  BraveHeart Women is  social networking for women that offers women a chance to be inspired by and  be connected to other women who share the same purpose and passions as you.  BraveHeart Women also gives women the opportunity to take action through global contribution.  As a woman, knowing that there are other women out there who share the same passions and goals in life as I do, is a great thing.  So often women do not have the opportunity  to connect with other women in the way and capacity they would like to, social networking has helped to bridge the gap and make those connections possible!

While social networking for women may not be a topic everyone knows about, I think it is only a matter of time before it’s as common as email and blogging.  It’s refreshing to know women can come together in a positive way and make a difference, and social networking is helping to make that a reality.

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