Monday, June 14, 2010

A few months ago I decided that I would use the weekends to talk about music…well that idea came and went and I never really stuck with it, which is such a shame because I love music.  So I decided to make Monday’s my official “let’s talk about music” day…or Music Monday!  And because I hope that all of you love music as much as I do (hey who doesn’t like music) I want Music Monday to be something we all can enjoy.  So each week there will be a different theme and a chance for you to link your Music Monday post…there is even a cool button you can rock on your post…it doesn’t get more Rock than that…right?

So this weeks topic is:  What song was #1 the day you were born?

Now this is a question that I have asked myself before and of course I had to find out so I did…easily on Every…punch in your birthday and you get the #1 song that day in history…pretty cool huh?

So the #1 song on my birthday was:

On 23rd Feb 1979 ...
The Number 1 single was:
Blondie - "Heart Of Glass"

The Number 1 album was:
Blondie - "Parallel Lines"

Wanna participate?

Simple…go to Every and punch in your birthday…then post your Music Monday post and come back and leave the link…easy peasy!

Oh and don’t forget to grab the button!


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