Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being a mother of four means that I often have to deal with unexpected issues with my children.  Those unexpected issues can lead to unexpected expenses which also seem to throw a wrench in our financial plans.  Take for instance the  sudden revelation by my oldest daughter’s doctor that she needed glasses
Alright needing glasses, not a huge undertaking, we can handle that.  The next day I scheduled my daughter an appointment at a local eye doctor.  While the eye doctor conducted his tests I realized that I had never had to deal with one of my children having prescription glasses and I began to wonder how much time, money, and worry they would create…after all my oldest daughter is not the most careful with her belongings.
With prescription in hand, we headed to pick out glasses.  Now the actual choosing of the eyeglasses is to me the most fun part of the experience, my daughter not so much.  “Too round.”  Too square.”  “Too pink.” is what I heard for what seemed like hours.  Every single frame my daughter chose on the rack turned into “the ugliest thing ever mom” once they were on her face.  A couple of hours and what seemed like 300 pair of glasses later, my daughter finally chose a pair of frames that suited her and made her happy—thank goodness.
That was last summer and I’m happy to report that not only does my daughter know where her glasses are, they are also in pretty good condition (you have no idea how huge of a deal that is for her).  I was sure when my daughter’s doctor mentioned that she needed prescription eyeglasses that it was going to be this big, huge, expensive undertaking, but I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out to be quite the opposite.  My daughter can see like she is supposed to, there have been no issues with broken or misplaced glasses, and mommy’s wallet hardly felt the pinch…I’d say that’s a pretty successful end to our unexpected eyeglass adventure.

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  1. Oh man I use to do anything to get out of wearing my glasses now after pg with Cole I could no longer go with out. But now they are so fashionable and cute :)


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