Monday, March 1, 2010

Some of my favorite memories from when I was younger are the times I spent with my sister! It was just the two of us and though we fought and argued regularly we also had some great adventures and some of the best times of my life together! Though I probably never admitted it at the time I always loved to sit and watch cartoons with my sister and one of our favorites was Rainbow Brite! rainbow_brite

Though I was a Rainbow Brite fan my sister was an super fan; she had all of the movies and dolls and was just obsessed with everything Rainbow Brite. I remember the first time my oldest girls glimpsed Aunt Bree’s Rainbow Brite dolls for the first time (yes she still has the original dolls) and the sparkle in their eyes as they played (carefully) with the dolls. From that day on my girls were very interested in Rainbow Brite and through Aunt Bree’s old dolls and YouTube videos they relived some of the magic we lived as kids, which I have to admit was very cool to see.

Rainbow Brite has blasted back onto the doll scene with a vibrant makeover, continuing to delight children with her empowering and imaginative adventures as she spreads her positive messages of courage, kindness, and hope. Thanks to MomSelect my girls had a chance to experience Rainbow Brite all over again! We were sent some Rainbow Brite activity CD’s which include games, puzzles, and so much more for them enjoy and they loved it!

And for those of you who loved Rainbow Brite as a child and would love to be able to introduce your daughter's to the magic of Rainbow Brite and her friends I’ve got exciting news…starting last month (February 2010) Target stores nationwide introduced the new Rainbow Brite fashion doll collection in their stores. You can also check out the Rainbow Brite website which includes games, videos, and lots more for your daughter’s to enjoy!

I received the Rainbow Brite activity cd from MomSelect for participation in this campaign.


  1. I love Rainbow Brite still. I should get Bella some of the dolls. I still have Starlite somewhere.


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