Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When I was little my two biggest passions were writing (big surprise huh) and singing; I used to dream of being on Broadway almost as often as I dreamed of becoming an author.  Through the years I realized that paralyzing stage fright would never allow me to realize my dreams of singing on Broadway—so I just watched (and dreamed) from afar.

For years now I have schemed and hinted for my fiancĂ© to take me to New York City and surprise me with Broadway tickets, but to my utter disappointment Broadway theatre tickets have not come and do not seem to be in my near future.  Oh not that I don’t still dream of the day I’ll be able to attend a Broadway show, I know that day will come when I can sit in the audience and dream!

Wicked tickets NYC would be an absolute dream come true, I mean I’ve only been dying to see it since it’s debut.  One day…one day I’ll make it to Broadway, even if it’s only as a spectator!  Make sure to check out Applause Tickets for your chance to win tickets to a Broadway show!

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