Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I’m a little late with my Wordless Wednesday today, oh well better late than never I suppose!  This WW is also not so wordless so I apologize in advance.

My son is a character to say the least, he’s always coming up with something unique, adorable, and hilarious and this picture is no exception.  Little Man’s latest obsession is cowboy boots (or cowboys as he calls them) so when I caught a glimpse of him wearing his cowboys and playing guitar the other night I knew I had to snap a picture and make it my Wordless Wednesday!

100_5274 This so reminded me of The Naked Cowboy from Times Square…all he’s missing is the hat!  Happy WW!


  1. Too cute! Though I'm sure he'll be embarrassed by this one when he gets older!

  2. Yes you're probably right, BUT this way I have a little leverage to bargain with when he gets too big for his britches!

  3. Maybe a country music singer to be, huh?

  4. OMG too adorable.
    naked saw him on t.v too funny..

  5. To cute! I have a few like this (old) that are often used as blackmail LOL!

    Faythe @GMT

  6. Hahahaha! I LOVE his boots! Rock out cowboy!

  7. What a cutie. That is a shot you will want to keep forever!


  8. Quite a few cowboy singers end up making a boat load of money, so sing on little boy, sing on.
    Grow up to buy mom and dad a grand house when all your records sell, sell, sell.

  9. Such a handsome cowboy he is too! I love that he's only wearing a diaper with his boots and guitar! :)


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