Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I’ve mentioned numerous times and in many posts that my youngest children love Nick Jr., truth be told all four of my children are Nickelodeon fans. One of my youngest daughter’s favorite shows is Ni Hao Kai-lan…she would watch the show all day every day if I let her…Kai-lan is just her absolute favorite. If you have a little Kai-lan fan than you’re going to want to read this post.

image The week of February 22-26 Nickelodeon is celebrating the “Year of the Tiger” with a full week of special episodes of Ni Hao Kai-lan including a premiere the premiere of “Tolee's Turn” on Friday February 26th. Below is a brief run-down of the shows included in Nick’s “Year of the Tiger” celebration week!

Monday, Feb. 22 – “Happy Chinese New Year”

It’s Chinese New Year, and Kai-lan and her friends are thrilled because this year, they are old enough to carry the huge dragon costume. It’s going to take a whole team of friends to carry it for the celebration, but when Rintoo is assigned to march in the middle of the dragon, he walks away! Rintoo doesn’t think the middle is important enough, but the group can’t carry the dragon without him. Kai-lan, with the help of the viewers, must find a way to show Rintoo that every job on a team is important. The episode introduces preschoolers to the word red (Hong Se) in Chinese.

Tuesday, Feb. 23 – “Rintoo's Big Flip”

Kai-lan and her friends go to see the Chinese rabbit acrobats and are amazed by their tricks. When a rabbit acrobat invites Kai-lan and her friends to be in his show that night, everybody’s excited to practice flips except Rintoo, who doesn’t think he needs to practice. But when his flip turns out to be harder than he thought, Rintoo quits the show. Kai-lan needs the viewers’ help to convince Rintoo to practice so he can be in the show. The episode introduces preschoolers to the word circle (Yuan xing) in Chinese.

Wednesday, Feb 24 – “Rintoo Makes a Splash”

YeYe is taking Kai-lan and her friends to a super special, magical water park. Everyone’s having a blast until Rintoo starts splashing, cannon-balling and playing rough. When no one wants to play with Rintoo anymore, it’s up to Kai-lan and the viewers’ to help him play more gently so everybody can enjoy the water. The episode introduces preschoolers to the word water (Shui) in Chinese.

Thursday, Feb. 25 – “Roller Rintoo”

Kai-lan and her friends are off to a roller rink to go skating, but Rintoo is scared of roller skating. Everyone is surprised that Rintoo would be scared of anything, and they all band together to help him. With some inspiration from the Hula Ducks, Kai-lan and the viewers’ help Rintoo get over his fear of skating, so everyone can go to the roller rink. The episode introduces preschoolers to the word fast (Kuai) in Chinese.

Friday, Feb. 25 – “Tolee's Turn” -- PREMIERE

Kai-lan and her friends are sailing in a beautiful dinosaur boat and playing hide and seek with some dolphins. But when Rintoo won’t give Tolee a turn steering the boat, things come to a standstill. Kai-lan needs the viewers’ help to show Rintoo that when you take turns, everyone gets to play, and everyone has a good time. The episode introduces preschoolers to the word dolphin “Haitun” in Chinese.

I know my children will be watching Ni Hao Kai-lan for the new episodes…I hope yours will too!


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