Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My oldest daughter has always had problems sleeping.  When she was younger she had night terrors followed by horrible snoring bouts and even periods where she stopped breathing.  Her doctor informed me that all signs pointed to sleep apnea and that a sleep study would have to be done and I could just picture a life filled with CPAP machines and portable oxygen concentrators for her. 

I remember her being a ball of nerves when we arrived at the hospital for her sleep study and then a little slap happy when she was basically bedridden from all the wires and sensors that we hooked to her that night.  Several hours and one very sleepless night later the sleep study was over and I sat in the room waiting to here the results.  The results were not what I had hoped for, Taylor did indeed stop breathing a few times in the middle of the night and it was suggested that CPAP masks would need to be considered if her problem became worse.

Three years and many more sleepless night later Taylor is free and clear of any sleep related breathing problems , and thankfully we never had to go the CPAP route.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that her problems don’t flare back up later in life, hopefully she’ll sleep like a baby from here on out!

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