Thursday, January 21, 2010

Having four children can be very expensive; when I’m not stocking up on diapers and wipes it seems I’m shelling out at the doctor or dentist and the cost can become overwhelming very quickly.  This winter has been extremely difficult considering all four of my children have spent the majority of it sick or on some kind of medication. 

After my divorce it became quite clear to me that my children had to have medical insurance and without the family medical plan and the dental plan that my ex-husband carried it wasn’t going to be cheap.  I was lucky that my family doctor offered payment plans based on income, but finding an affordable dental plan was another story entirely, it was nearly impossible.  Not to mention the hundreds of dollars that prescriptions could cost without a prescription plan.  Many times it seemed like I would be forced to choose between diapers and medicine, but thankfully  there are places out there whose mission is to provide affordable insurance to families who couldn’t receive it otherwise, places like  If you’re ever in need of affordable coverage for you or your family i encourage you to check them out!

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