Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ebeanstalklogo I have major issues when picking out toys for my kids; between insisting there are not a million and one pieces and making sure they are age appropriate and can teach them something my choices are limited.

A while back I was introduced to a website called ebeanstalk, a website dedicated to selecting good, safe, learning toys, and baby gifts. After browsing through the website and seeing all of the great toys they have to offer I realized that they really were dedicated to finding great toys for kids that moms can feel good about giving!

We received a Swirly Orb from International Playthings to review from ebeanstalk and I have to tell you that it has been one of my daughter Ki Ki’s favorite toys for a while now. The Swirly Orb is recommend for children age 6 months and up and is jam-packed with lots of fun things for your little one to play with. From the colorful shapes that cascade down the center when you child shakes the toy to the beads on the outer edges of the orb that replicate the same melodious sounds of a rain stick your child will be in awe of the sights, sounds, and magic that the Swirly Orb holds. The Swirly Orb also features a squeaker on one end (this is Ki Ki’s favorite) and a spinning ball on the other.E00248-5s

As I mentioned before Ki Ki loves this toy, she will sit in her play pen and play with it for a good bit without ever getting bored or fussy, which if you knew my daughter you would realize what a miracle that is. Kin is starting to become very possessive of her toys and this is one of the few she will not part with, she’s even been known to give her big brother a good smack when he tries to take it. I think one of the things I love most about this toy, aside from the fact that Kin actually plays with it, is that it really seems to capture my daughter’s imagination. I will sit and watch her as she plays with this toy and I can see in her eyes, the fascination she has with the shapes in the middle that are so close yet so far away. Any toy that can spark that much interest in my child gets a big thumbs up from me!

Buy it! The Swirly Orb will be available on in the near future so make sure you keep an eye out for it. In the mean time if you’re looking for a great idea for a baby gift this holiday season why not check out the large selection of toys at ebeanstalk!


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