Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There seems to be some unwritten rule of motherhood that says something like, “Thou shall take photos of every single insignificant thing thou child does.” And if you’re like me (and I suspect some of you are) you’ve taken thousands of photos in your lifetime. With the invention of the digital camera came the ease of having all of our photographs in one place on our computers, but what about the thousands of photos we all have sitting in boxes, or yellowing in photo albums that were taken before we joined the digital age? I think I may have found our answer.

ScanDigital takes the idea of storing photos to a whole new level. Not only do they provide high quality photo scanning, slide scanning, and negative scanning services, but they also do video transfers and can even transfer your old VHS tapes to CD or DVD. As an added bonus; when you have your memories scanned at ScanDigital you can view them all on their online photo galleries. I’m not sure about you but I have tons of VHS home movies that I can’t even watch because I haven’t owned a VHS player for years!

Want to know how this works…it’s simple. You place your order, package the hard copies (photos, videos, negatives) and send them off to ScanDigital, they scan and transfer your material, you can then view and share via their online photo gallery, and then they return the originals with a new digital copy. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

How awesome would it be to transfer some of your old photos to CD for your friends and family as a gift this holiday season? Maybe have some of those old VHS tapes updated to DVD? Whichever option you choose your recipient is sure to have a personalized gift that they were cherish for many years to come!


  1. Great idea--hubby has a ton of old photographs that his late grandmother gave him, just sitting in a box.

  2. What a great idea....we should all probably scan in our pics to make sure nothing happens to them! :)

  3. I thought it was a great idea too! I know I have so many photos just collecting dust in boxes...I NEED to do this!

  4. I have a ton that I found when cleaning out my grandparents estate. What a great idea!


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