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My youngest daughter seems to get the short end of the stick more often than not in the toy department. Kinley either get’s stuck with hand-me-downs or when she does get something new her brother makes it his sole mission in life to make it his own.

When I do have the chance to purchase new toys for Kinley there is always one brand that I know I can trust…Sassy! I’ve been a fan of Sassy toys for years and their durability and innovative design hasn’t failed me yet. Sassy has been a trusted name in chidlren’s toys since 1996 and has been going strong ever sense. Here is some more about Sassy from the website:

Sassy is the brand of products for children that you can trust for nurturing and developing your child because they have premium quality, innovative design and focused coloration, environmentally principled, with credible and helpful purpose and value added features.

Explore our selection of developmental and attachable toys, infant and toddler feeding and bath products, grooming and hygiene products, teething products, and room organization products.


Recently my youngest daughter had the chance to review some great toys from Sassy. Not only was Kinley over-the-moon excited about getting some new toys she was also having a hard time choosing what to play with first. Below is the list of toys that we received:

  • Fill & Spill Barrel (6 Months & Up) Inspires Exploration: There’s nothing more fun than this bimagearrel of monkeys! A clear, lightweight barrel that is easy for baby to dump is filled with an assortment of brightly colored, soft plush monkeys, plastic barrels and bunches of bananas too! The monkeys have symmetrical, smiling faces. That symmetry has a calming effect on babies and young children. The soft monkeys encourage baby to reach out. Manipulating them helps strengthen gripping muscles and squeezing them to hear a squeak gives baby a giggle. The wide mouth barrel encourages baby to fit the pieces back in. This fill and spill activity encourages baby’s motor-cognitive development and is a precursor to shape-sorting. Suggested retail price is $9.99.
  • Touch & Talk Laptop (6 Months & Up) Inspire Communication: Baby will get straight toimage work having fun with this toy inspired by mom and dad’s laptops. This fabric covered toy has bold, bright, geometric prints to help baby focus and lots of brilliant colors to stimulate visual development. The screen is a large, True Reflection™ mirror that reflects baby’s image – a site she loves to study. Push the keys to hear colors in English and Spanish, musical notes or silly rhymes and sounds. When it’s time for a break, baby can close the laptop and tote it around using the convenient little fabric handle. Suggested retail price is $14.99. (Kinley LOVES this one, I can not tell you how many hours she has spent playing with her Touch & Talk Laptop!)
  • Illumination Station (6 Months & Up) Inspire Fascination: This toy imagesheds new light on highchair toys! There’s a purple and red ball with polka-dots that light up as the ball spins; a trio of textured shapes that click-clack together and spin around, challenging baby to manipulate them with little fingers; a clear cylinder with a red bead spinning inside; and a bumpy, textured flipper that rattles as it twirls and spins. Suggested retail price is $7.99. (This is an update to a classic…my middle daughter had one of these when she was a baby, though hers did not light up…Kinley loves this one as well.)
  • Ladybug Teethers (3 Months & Up) Inspire Communication: These sleek, boldly colored ladybugs are just the right piece of good luck for a teething baby. They have a bendable, squishable, water-filled texture that encourages exploration by mouth. Raised polka-dots offer additional textural interest. A smooth, black head provides bold contrast in color and texture to the rest of the little bug. Nubby antennae offer another great teething opportunity. Refrigerate the ladybug teether to cool sore gums. Ladybug Teethers come two to a set with either a red and a purple ladybug or a red and an orange ladybug. Suggested retail price is $3.99 for a pair. (Another favorite!)
  • Grasp & Glow (3 Months & Up) Inspire Exploration: This little rattle provides high contrast geometric stripes and polka dots as well as a surprising added touch: the blue or pink polka-dot ball lights up when it spins! Baby will love to see and follow the glowing light. The lime green rattle has two textured handles with teal stripes, perfect for gripping and teething. And it has two spinning balls. In addition to the light-up sphere, there is a clear, smooth ball with a rotating disk inside. One side features a smiling, little bug character and the other is a mirror. Baby can grasp a handle in one hand and bat at the balls with the other to make them spin and light up. Suggested retail price is $4.99.

Kinley really seemed to enjoy all of the toys she reviewed, of course she did have her favorites, but overall they were all a big hit! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!



Buy it! Sassy toys in stores everywhere and online…find a store near you or online that sells Sassy toys here!

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  1. We too got Sassy products to review they are AWESOME!!! I can't wait for Dot to get here for the baby ones :D

  2. I've always loved Sassy Products we probably have a bunch here left over from the boys!

  3. We have a house full of Sassy toys, I love all of the colors they use. Great review!

    And thank you for thinking of me this week, it means a lot to have so many people I've never "met" care about me.


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