Thursday, November 19, 2009

**This was written last night (Wednesday November 18th) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We are home now and trying to get better.**

Things have been crazy around my house for the past couple of weeks. Last week my daughter Savanna was sick ALL WEEK with a virus that was diagnosed as maybe being the flu…fun stuff. I spent all week nursing fevers and trying to keep the babies away from her. This Monday little Kinley woke up barking, yes barking, so we headed to the doctor…again. After her examination is was confirmed that she had a yucky case of the croup but no medicine was given as the doctor believed Kinley could fight it off herself…um not so much. So here I sit three days later at Children’s Hospital Cincinnati with my baby hooked up to monitors waiting…very fun stuff. The doctor here (who is awesome) confirmed that it was indeed just a bad case of croup and decided to pump her full of meds and wait it out. I am spent and Kinley is even more so. I swear if I never see another doctor or nurse it will be too soon.

On top of all of that I hurt my back (again) on Tuesday trying to pick up my son so after spending Tuesday morning at the hospital getting x-rays for Kinley (to make sure that her bark was not pneumonia) I spent all of Tuesday evening at the ER for my back.

And so that my dear readers is the reason for my absence. I have so much to tell you guys about and lots of great reviews and giveaways for y’all as well. But that will all have to wait until mommy and baby feel better, my mountain of homework is reduced to a hill, and I’m not loopy on pain meds.

I hope everyone is well…and I will see you soon!


  1. oh my goodness, my dear! Well rest assured that we have been in the same boat. Big pea had a bout of the croup a few weeks ago AND my back was out as well, if you can believe that! I know it's terrible to hear them sound that way and unfortunately it won't go away for awhile. We are a good three to four weeks into it and she's still barking!

    Good luck, you are in my thoughts!

  2. Thank you so much! It is such an awful thing to see her go through and feeling helpless is awful! I hope your little one gets better soon as well.

  3. You have got your hands full hon. You sit back and try to get some rest. Our kids haven't been sick yet, just me and finally feeling pretty decent.
    Will be thinking of you.


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