Friday, November 27, 2009

Having three tweens in the house means lots of media devices; Ipods, digital cameras, cell phones you name it one of them owns it. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges (besides the never ending supply of batteries they all require) is keeping their ear buds in working order. That seems like an easy enough task for a few ten and 11 year olds but the truth is that it is not and I end up spending more money on replacement ear buds than I did on the actual device…and that is just sad!

The number one issue I have had with the ear buds I have purchased it that they are, well cheap made and last a couple of weeks before I need to buy another pair. Now I know you’re probably wondering what on earth my children do to those things that they disintegrate in that short amount of time and the truth is that they are hard on them but probably no harder than any other child of the same age.

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a review for two different kinds of ear buds from Audiovox; EarBudeez and HeadShox. Now let me first say that product testing in my house is like product testing in a crash dummy lab. If you want to know if your product can withstand the elements (i.e. a few tweens, an overactive seven year old, and two itty bitties) then I am your mom. When we review a product it is put through the wringer quite a few times and if it passes then you’ll hear me singing its praises for a long time to come…such is the case with the EarBudeez and HeadShox.41v6TCa7phL._SL500_AA280_

Honestly I had no expectations for these products; my bad experiences with similar products had me rethinking the whole ear bud movement, but when all was said and done I was more than pleased by their performance. EarBudeez are unique because of their playful packaging, their amazing durability (I actually don’t think this is even a claim made by the company but it is VERY true), and the price (which is shockingly no more than most ear buds).

The EarBudeez we received to review were in the most adorable packaging I have ever seen, it almost makes you not want to take them out of their package…almost. My tweens thought the packaging was “So Rockin” (their exact words by the way) and I have to admit that it was very charming. Quite honestly if I saw two sets of ear buds at the store that were competitively priced I would choose the cutesy packaging of the Ear Budeez 10 out of 10 times! Fun packaging aside EarBudeez are awesome: I swear to you mine have been chewed on by a teething one year old, pulled in as many different directions as I’m constantly going and they still work like new…I’m not sure how but they do and I would recommend them to everyone! FYI EarBudeez are also available in very festive holiday packaging and make the perfect addition to any stocking!

Worried that your kiddo may be too old for the cutesy EarBudeez? Not to worry AudioVox has a great line of ear buds called HeadShox for your“too cool” tweens and teens! Where the EarBudeez are cute HeadShox are just “awesomely cool” another direct quote from our oldest tween. Designed to resemble the very popular energy drink cans HeadShox were a big hit in our house, my fiancé even asked if he could take then to “try out for a bit”. Headshox are also competively priced come in an array of cool teen-friendly colors, and are just as tou51BoX66pD-L._SL500_AA280_gh as EarBudeez!

Buy it! The folliwng are a couple of links to both EarBudeez and HeadShox available for great prices just in time for the holidays…this is a must have in every tween and teens stocking! EarBudeez are also available at Toys R’ Us!

Audiovox JHB565 Headshox Earbuds (Metal Pink) Audiovox JHB561 Headshox Earbuds (Metal Black) Audiovox JHB505 earBudeez Jet Earbuds (Green)



  1. That is so true.
    Those ear buds looks awesome.

  2. They ARE awesome! My one year old has put mine through the wringer and they still work like new so in my book they're keepers!


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