Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last year when I started my blog I never thought it would grow beyond family, friends, and a few new virtual friends, boy what a difference a year makes! As my blog continues to grow the opportunity to network with people presents itself more and more. Whether it’s via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or in person at blogging events the opportunities are there and smart mommy bloggers seize them!

I’m not sure how other bloggers feel about what they do, but to me my blog is a small business and it is necessary to grow that business at every opportunity! A few weeks ago I attended a school function with many people I haven’t seen in quite some time. It became apparent to me rather quickly that I was right in the middle of a prime networking opportunity, but I was unprepared. Would anyone even know what a Mommy Blogger was? How would I make sure that they remembered the name of my blog when I walked away? That is when I realized that I needed to prepare myself for opportunities like that one and I knew that one of the best ways to do that was to have business cards with my name, my blogs name, and my email address on them.

Over the next few days I scoured the print shop ads; Kinkos, Standard Quick Print (a local print shop) and was very quickly discouraged by the high prices and limited options. Not long after that I took to the internet in search of a cheaper alternative and I found PsPrint. PsPrint is a leader in online printing offering it’s customers plenty of options and styles. From brochures to business and greet cards PsPrint has it all.

I can’t explain to you how happy I was that I had found an alternative to the pricey print shops and limited options that I had in my town. I know now that I can easily create business cards and brochures for my blog from the comfort of my home. It looks like this blogger will be growing her blog by leaps and bounds in the months to come, with a little help and beautifully printed business cards. And the next time the opportunity to network in person presents itself I will not be left feeling unprepared.

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