Thursday, October 8, 2009

This past weekend I fell in love! I know you’re wondering what happened to my fiancé… well nothing happened to him, as a matter of fact he was sitting beside me on the couch when it happened. Now I know that you are thoroughly confused right about now so let me explain!

Last Friday I watched Twilight for the first time... apparently I have been living under a rock! Now I will be the first to admit that I was a little annoyed by all of the Twilight blog posts and the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob thing before I watched the movie, but after I watched the movie I so got it! Not since I was eight years old watching Gone With The Wind (and falling in love with Rhet Butler) have I sat glued to the screen waiting for a guy to kiss a girl. It was like I was under some spell cast by Edward Cullen because I could not move, think (of anything but how much I would love to be bitten by a certain vampire), or even breathe for fear I would miss something! So now as you've probably guessed I am a little obsessed with the whole Twilight thing, and more specifically Robert Pattinson, and if by some freak accident he were to happen upon this little post (I know ,I know but a girl can dream) this is a formal invitation for Mr. Pattinson to come into my room in the middle of the night and bite me…several times! What? I’m just sayin’ I wouldn’t mind it (at all)! edward_cullen_twilight

Alright, alright yes I do remember that this is a mom blog but just look at him (and don’t drool on my sidebar) what’s not to love! So I already bought the movie, and I would have bought the books but the only reading I’ve done lately is the dosage on the Tylenol bottle, so now I’m just sitting here patiently waiting for New Moon! new_moon_poster_edward

So I have to know are y’all as obsessed as I am? Have you seen the movie? Do you love the movie (or maybe you just love my future husband Robert Pattinson)? Either way I wanna know!


  1. I've read all four books, and totally got sucked it (haha!) I can't wait to see "New Moon" - my hubby has even agreed to go with me to see it!

  2. I started reading the books after I watched the movie and I just couldn't put them down... really! Ask my hubby - he was not too impressed! I am sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that the children were tearing the house apart while I ready.

    Anyway, read the books... they are better than the movies! I have already made plans with my daughter to see New Moon the weekend it comes out! We are giddy with excitement.

    Make it a great day!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm@@@!!!I adore Edward as well. YUMMY pics....sorry..there is abit of drool..hold on whilst i wipe it aways

  4. Read the books, I think they are so much better. I was a sucker as well...

  5. The books are soooo much better than the movie. You should read them!


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