Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm really behind on choosing winners this week! Since I haven't done this in a while I decided to do a winners post and add a little something extra!

The winner of the Snorg T-Shirt giveaway has been posted so make sure to go check and see if you won!

Snorg Tee Giveaway Winner

The Ear Band-it giveaway ended a few days ago and there were supposed to be 5 winners, well one of the winners numbers were chosen 3 of the 5 times. Since I couldn't figure out a fair way to choose 2 more winners I decided to give everyone a chance. Anyone interested in winning a pair of Putty Buddies leave a comment on this post...the first two comments win!


  1. I've never tried one but it sounds interesting! Thanks for a chance.

  2. Hi I am contacting you about winning the Snorg-T. I am not sure if this is the way or if there is another way. So please let meknow! Thank You and I am truly grateful!


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