Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When we moved into our current home I was more than happy with the location (we were close to the schools in our district), the community (I was going to be able to raise my children on the same street I grew up on and only two houses down from their grandmother), and the house itself.  There was however, one aspect of the house I hated and it kept me up at night in the first few months after we moved here…the layout! 

Our house is a typical two-story house, except for the fact that we have a dangerously steep staircase that leads from our living room to the downstairs bedrooms.  When we moved here my now two year old son was just learning to walk, that made baby gates a necessity.  Now keep in mind that we live in a small town where our shopping options are limited, this made the already daunting task of trying to find stairway gates even more daunting.  I swear I searched every store within a 60 mile radius trying to find to right child safety gate with very little luck.  The gates we found were either not wide enough for the location we needed it to go in or not sturdy enough to sustain a beating from a rambunctious one year old. 

Finally when I had given up all hope of ever being able to let my son out of his play pen I found the perfect child safety gate; it was an extra wide baby gate that could fit in the space we wanted to place it in, it was sturdy enough to withstand the constant abuse that I knew my son was going to put it through and it was strong enough to put my mind at ease at night.  It’s been two years now and our sturdy little baby gate has withstood not only our two year old but our almost one year old who is certain that the gate is her own personal jungle gym…at least I don’t keep myself awake at night with nightmares of the staircase anymore, thank goodness! 


  1. I love my baby gate. I would be scared if I did not have it. Mine child would go flying into the basement.

  2. When we moved into our house..we could not find a gate to fit our open concept was such a pain.

  3. We heart our baby gate also. It's funny, with our daughter we did not have to invest in a gate. She was so cautious and never ventured up the steps. BUT, our son is a totally different story. He started crawling up them the moment he learned to crawl. We also have and extra wide, very sturdy gate :)


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