Monday, August 24, 2009

Well it’s that time again…back to school!  I swear nothing makes me more nauseous than knowing that I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn 5 days a week. You’d think that after having a houseful of kids all summer I would be counting down the seconds until the first day of school, but nope, not me, I dread it!

There are so many changes with respect to school this year.  My oldest daughter Tay Tay starts Middle School today and to say that she is nervous is an understatement!   It seems impossible that she’s in the 5th grade, I swear it seems like yesterday when she started kindergarten.  Of course middle school comes with many challenges and I have to admit that I’m not ready for most of them.  I can just imagine her coming home and demanding that she have this and that because she would surely die if she didn’t.  Then there is the issues of boys and thankfully she hasn’t been too boy crazy yet, but I know it’s coming!  Can’t they just stay little forever?

My middle daughter Savanna is going into the 2nd grade and will no longer have the security of having her big sister in the same school building.  I have to admit I’m more than a little nervous about her riding the bus by herself, but thankfully she has a teacher who I know and trust and that helps to ease my nerves some! 

Sometimes it just feels like everything is moving so fast and that I am moving so slow…know what I mean?  It’s not that I’m stuck in time or that I want to be stuck it just seems like my girls are growing up and needing me less and less and that I’m fading into the background in their lives more and more.  Hopefully they’ll need mom around a little longer, and by a little longer I mean forever! 

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  1. what a sweet post. I know they will need there Mom forever. I mean I am still lucky to have mine around and I need her a lot.


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