Monday, August 10, 2009


Blogger Bingo that is!  To kick off PR Blackout week, Trisha over at has given all of us mommies a little help with our Writer’s Block, or as I always say “Bloggers Block” by giving us a fun filled week of Blogger Bingo!  You can find out more about it and be part of the fun by going here

Alright so the first ball was posting about being married and since I’m not married (and I’m being a little lazy today) I figured I would just wait for a new ball to!  So I’m supposed to post about my first kiss…aright  here goes!

Is it a little weird that I remember my first kiss so vividly even though it almost twenty years ago?  It was July 4th, I was 11 years old and I had the biggest crush ever on my neighbor J!  I remember it was dark and all of the kids on my street were playing Dark Tag.  It was J’s turn to be “it” so I took off running around the side of a vacant house on our street and hid on the back porch in the dark.  I remember standing there quietly for what seemed like forever but could have only been a few seconds.  I heard J’s footsteps long before I saw his shadowy figure approaching my hiding spot, trying not to make too much noise I slowly crept towards the stairs.  I wasn’t quiet enough, J heard me and before I could even take off running from him he caught the hem of my shirt and pulled me to him.  I’m not sure if he knew he was going to kiss me or if it just happened but there in the dark J planted a big, sweet kiss right on my lips and then he yelled..”You’re It” and ran away! 

I will never forget that kiss or the fact that fireworks were bursting in the background as it happened! 


  1. Now, THAT is a great first kiss story!! Fireworks and all!!

  2. Awww! Sounds like you got the "perfect" first kiss.

  3. How funny is that. Love it.....


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