Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alright so I totally stole this from Alexis, but I figured she wouldn’t mind too much!  Besides I am having total Bloggers Block and I didn’t wanna leave y’all with nothing!04d0810859e84188

10.  Mean girls!  Now I was sorta kinda never one of these bitches.  I mean I could totally be a bitch if the situation called for it but I was never just cruel for the sake of being cruel, but there were so many bitches who were and sadly some of them over 10 years later are still the same way…it’s sad!

9.  Going to class!  I would be a total liar if I tried to tell you I didn’t do my best to get out of every single class I had, because I so did!  As a matter of fact my line in the senior song parody was “Allison Riggs is known to play hooky”  CLASSIC!

8.  Guys who thought they were God’s gift to everyone!  You know the hot jock who thinks his gym shoes don’t stink…um FYI…you’re working at Burger King now to support a nasty drug habit and that rock hard body that we all drooled over in high school is now GONE and we’re all LOL! 3508188668_56f44256e0

I am in no way insinuating that anyone in my high school looked like this…I just thought DB was the perfect example of HOT jock!  And he’s pretty damn nice to look at!

7.  Teachers who refused to brush their teeth and then insisted on getting close enough to your face that you could smell the garlic on their breathe from dinner last night…YUCK!

6.  Picture day!  This was indeed the worst day ever for me!  I hate having my picture taken (I know you’re shocked).  Those damn photographers (and I use that term loosely) gave you one shot to get it right and that was it… I still take at least 5 pictures of myself before I’m satisfied and willing to post one…I never did understand that about school pictures! 

5.  The school cafeteria!  I NEVER ate school lunch but I did have to endure sitting in the cafeteriaf28d2c513ce0531a watching other people eat it.  The place smelled like a nursing home and it was not pleasant! 

4.  The long lines for the bathroom…enough said!

3.   Cliques!  I never understood why the most horrible people insisted on hanging out together!  It didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now!

2.  The cheerleaders!  Not to be confused with the mean girls.  I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school mainly because I refused to think I was better than everyone else.  The things some of those girls did were beyond reproach and to me they were a piss poor representation of our school! 

1.  Prom!  I didn’t go to mine and I regret it to this day!


  1. I only knew a few mean girls in Jr.
    I did not like the cocky guys either or eat at school. Have a great day.

  2. Good list! I hated the mean girls too. Who decided who was popular and who was not? I didn't get it and I still don't. It IS funny that most of the popular people have sad lives now. So I guess that is some consolation.

    Good topic!


  3. Any time girl that is what I'm here for :) Love ya and love your 10 :)

  4. I hated high school.!! People were mean to me, or they just ignored me. : ( *i gots issues *
    the mean girls that were mean to me...there were 3 inparticular who used to be my friends til gr. 7. Lets see..on is now twiced divorced and on welfare, one still lives with her mom and is sorta like a hermit, and one is once divorced now remarried and has one son. I forgave them all. But deep deep deep down inside..i'm happy their adult life was so tough.


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