Sunday, July 19, 2009

I never thought that I’d say this with a straight face BUT …wait for it…Gaige is officially a big boy!  Now what exactly does that mean?  NO MORE BOTTLE!  Several months ago Bub willingly gave up his bottle for a few days but my fiancĂ© in a less than admirable attempt to get more sleep gave it back to him.  I have never been so angry at him.  Needless to say I was too weak, yes I freely admit that the lack of sleep from months of nightly screaming fits from my colicky Ki Ki mixed with the mere idea of being up with two screaming babies clouded my judgment in a major way, so I gave in and did not try to take the bottle away again.  Let the virtual stoning begin!

Fast forward to two weeks ago.  My usually good, even tempered little boy had been screaming all day for his ba ba.  Now when Jamie gave Bub his bottle back I decided two things

  1. That he was only going to have 1 bottle.  So as hard as it was for him (and for me) I threw all of his bottles away except 1.
  2. That under no circumstance would I give Gaige a bottle during the day.  100_3053_au

That day seemed to drag on forever…when ever Gaige wasn’t distracted by something else he was screaming for his BA BA.  When it was time to wash Kinley’s bottles I went to look for Bub’s (it’s usually in our room don’t ask me why) and it was no where to be found…hmm strange!  Not giving it another thought I went on with the rest of the day as usual until bedtime…dun dun dun..  At exactly 9:30 every night Gaige goes and stands in the doorway to our bedroom (yes he sleeps in our room…that’s another post) and says…”Da Da Night Night!”  Not missing a beat I head to the kitchen to make him a bottle, except I remember before I get there that his bottle is missing.  This is when I officially start freaking out!  So I tell Jamie that the bottle is gone and we put out an APB to find the bottle ASAP!  An hour later the bottle is no where to be found…seriously?  Alright so maybe I shouldn’t have been freaking out like I was but you have to understand that for 6 and a half months I dealt with a colicky baby on top of everything else I did in a day and Kinley has just recently started to get better…I did not want to have 2 babies up crying all night.  That night was one of the longest of my life…not only did Gaige keep me up crying until 3 am but he also kept Kinley up crying until 3 am which left me totally stressed out!  Needless to say I dealt with it all by myself while Jamie slept peacefully in the next room…grrr! 

That was 2 weeks ago and I can not tell you how glad I am that the damn bottle is gone!  Gaige goes to sleep now every night without incident and sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG something he hasn’t done in months!  My lil man truly is a big boy now…yea Gaige!


  1. Congrats! I think he definitely deserves the big boy title now :)

  2. Yay - what a big milestone!


  3. Thats great. I know what you went through..when Abby gave up her bottles..she was a mess.
    We used the old.."The Easter bunny came and took your bottles" On Easter in their place were lots of new Princess cups. That worked..All of those other times trying to reason with her just didn't jive.

  4. Thanks y'all! This was quite an experience! Both of my older girls gave their bottles up with very little problems so this was new for me. I'm just so glad that the whole thing is behind us now.

  5. Yeah way to go Gaige! That rocks!

  6. Cute big boy, congrats!
    Could you do me a favor and comment on this post? Thanks a lot!


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