Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday is mine and my fiance's 3 year anniversary (do most people even celebrate or acknowledge anniversaries if they are not married)! The past three years have been a mixture of ups and downs...tremendous highs and horrible lows...but as I look back on our journey I realize that I wouldn't trade any of it for all the money in the world. Since I'm doing a little reminiscing I thought that I would share with you the story of how we came to be!

In high school (Freshman year to be exact) I met my future husband Jamie. We dated, if you wanna call talking on the phone for hours, holding hands during a movie, and meeting up at the Skating rink dating, for a couple of months in 9th grade. I'm not sure how or why but I always knew that he would be "the one".

High school came and went and we lost touch. Jamie ended up married to a former friend of mine and I ended up married to a Bible thumping, Christian 10 years my senior. Our paths occasionally crossed and I would be a liar if I said that I didn't wonder "what if?" in those moments. Three years ago I was on and noticed that he had an account as well so I sent him a message asking how he was...that was the beginning of the end of my marriage and the start of something completely unexpected and wonderful! I left my husband soon after that and Jamie and I started dating, he eventually moved in with me and my two girls and a little over a year later we welcomed our first child into our home.

3 years and 2 babies later we're still going strong. I would be a liar if I said we didn't have our moments or that their weren't times when I want to strangle him but he means the world to me! I know every morning when I wake up that he is "the one" and that even though the way we came to be was a little controversial and maybe not the best way to go about it was right!

I love you baby for now until forever, more than the sky, and with every ounce of my heart! Happy Anniversary!

When we first got together (look how skinny I was...guess after 2 more babies there was just no

Mommy, Gaige, and Daddy

Daddy, Mommy, and Kinley

Me and my baby playing in the snow!

In Gatlinburg March 2009.

July 4th 2009


  1. Well, Congratulations!! I hope you guys have many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary. You look great..

  3. Aww what a wonderful post Alison. You two look great together.
    Happy Anniversary

  4. Awww Happy Anniversary to you both. Love the photos!

  5. Hey sweet thing! Happy Anniversary, Rick and I celebrate our 6th next Sunday!

    You look gorgeous my dear, you've had 4 kids, I've only had 2 and my dear as you see I don't post anything but face shots! LOL I could only wish!

  6. awww what sweet pictures thanks for sharing Happy Anniversary and many more to come

    come by for a laugh I heart comments too

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us, and happy anniversary!

  8. Have a happy... and many, many more... Enjoy the love!!


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